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GOP Florida recount rules since 2000: play dirty and without mercy in building an autocracy

The Republicans have mastered the art of stifling democracy by counting votes quickly in Republican counties, tolerating inefficiency in Democratic ones and then declaring victory. As I witnessed with my own eyes as somewhat critical component in the Democrats Palm Beach County recount infrastructure, the Republicans play hard and fast with rules and the law […]

Irma a year later: Assessing the rubble of Florida’s disaster and preventing failure again

A year ago, the entirety of peninsular Florida was impacted by a storm named Irma. Powerful as it had been when it impacted the Leeward Islands and other parts of the Caribbean, a slight wobble which took into northern Cuba significantly took away its bite as it approached Florida. Peninsular Florida also had the added […]

Find Your Perfect Beach: A Tale of Poor Planning for Customary Use on 30A

  By now, you have heard people grumbling about Rick Scott signing the Private Beach Anti-Customary Use Law (HB631) this year. The new law has opened a can of worms that may take years to sort out. It has also laid bare some of the state’s most inept leaders and corrupt political missteps to finally […]

What we are reading: The battle over recess – Corcoran blames Scott in Tweet

Recess policy has been one of the underlying issues of tension during the course of this legislative session. The recess issue has been a foremost concern this session among education advocates, parent groups and other stakeholders. The legislature has to this point stalled on the issue with some conservatives in the claiming a legislative mandate […]

Florida hurricanes, the Bush family and Presidential politics

Every twelve years it now seems tropical weather becomes inextricably linked with presidential politics in Florida. For whatever reason, 1992, 2004 and 2016 are all years where major storm events have impacted Florida. Given Donald Trump’s loose and dirty mouth it appears he is not poised to take advantage of the perception that Governor Rick […]

Governor Scott and the media play hype politics with Hurricane Matthew

Governor Scott’s decision to declare a State of Emergency days before Hurricane Matthew is projected to be in the vicinity of the state and at a time when only one of six major models used by forecasters has the center of the storm even brushing the state must be political. Or perhaps a desperate play […]

Governor Scott and the nullification of federal policy regarding Iran

Governor Rick Scott continues to stick his nose in places where it does not belong. Under reactionary right-wing leadership the state of Florida has attempted to develop an alternative foreign policy in some areas to that which is undertaken by the United States Government.  Be it on issues of Cuba, Sudan, Iran or other matters, […]

A Progressive’s Guide to the 2015 Legislative Session: An Overview

With the Republicans back with a super-majority in the house, an almost super-majority in the Senate, and a secure seat for Governor Rick Scott in the governor’s mansion for the next four sessions, there is little hope the next two months will be easy for progressives.  This week begins one of the greatest defensive battles […]

Governor Scott’s shallow inaugural appeal

Having been returned to office by Florida’s electorate despite failing to meaningfully grow Florida’s economy in his first term, Governor Rick Scott will appeal to residents to relocate to Florida. Since this Governor and his allies in the legislature proudly gutted the growth management laws that worked for 30 years, a potential influx in population […]

Florida political winners and losers for 2014

NOTE: Our Tuesday poll feature will return next week. It’s that time of the year for reflections. 2014 was an election year and with it came the usual array of winners and losers. A difficult year for Democrats across the country as well as here in Florida saw clear winners and losers.