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TFS Radio # 9 – Iowa, Marco Rubio, Florida Legislature continuing war on women and environment

Katy Burnett, Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer discuss the latest political developments from Iowa, New Hampshire and Tallahassee. You can listen here and leave comments via our partner Rabble.TV or in the embedded player below:     TFS Radio is a collaborative effort of The Florida Squeeze and Rabble TV. Via our partner Rabble.TV you can listen […]

Marco Rubio’s clownish behavior making Jeb Bush look statesmanlike

For months I have complained that the national political media has adopted a narrative that makes Jeb Bush look like an above-the-fray statesman. Now I can completely understand the point of reference used to create this narrative – it is none other than Bush’s one time protege’ Marco Rubio. This week’s Republican Presidential Debate on […]

Is a Jeb surge around the corner?

Jeb Bush has been left for dead by so many. But he’s staying alive, continuing to raise money and rack in political endorsements. His operation is built out in many of the early primary states and he shows no signs of giving up. Much like John Kerry at this point in 2003, Bush is seen […]

Reactionary Behavior and Dishonesty a Jeb Bush Staple

From the same group of foreign policy thinkers that brought us the US quagmire in Iraq, now we are told that war in Syria is a must. Jeb Bush, allegedly a rational thinker according to many in the media and Republican pundits. Bush’s words are never based on anything but a political calculation. Let’s look […]

Jeb! media narratives ignore reality of his temperament and Florida legacy

The words “statesman,” “wonk,” “adult,” and “winner,” were attributed to Jeb! Bush early in his Presidential campaign. Yet none of these simple narratives of a candidate many in the media seemingly were trying to will to the GOP nomination are the total reality of the Bush legacy here in Florida. Jeb Bush is a typical […]

TFS Radio EP 2 – Bear Hunts, Why is the FDP Convention at Disney, What is the purpose of the FDP Convention, Jeb Bush and much more

Listen to Episode 2 of the TFS Radio program where Kartik Krishnaiyer and Brook Hines discuss: This past weekend’s Bear Hunt The hunting culture among Florida politicians Why many activists are skipping the FDP Convention at Disney Why does the FDP keep holding conferences at Disney? Is the FDP Convention just a junket for party […]

Worrying poll numbers forcing Jeb Bush to rewrite history?

Despite all of the discussion that Governor Jeb Bush is a principled thinker we’ve stated time and again his is simply an opportunistic politician who lacks his brother’s gift for connecting with ordinary folks or his father’s gift for intellect. Instead Bush’s political career is characterized by a bad temper and sense of entitlement. The […]

Jeb Bush’s Reaganomics could tank US economy but reward Wall Street

The political chattering class all seem to view Donald Trump as a clown with marginal views. However, the real clown in the GOP Presidential race is Jeb! Bush, whose adherence to right wing talking points makes him a politician extraordinaire on the cocktail party circuit, but increasingly irrelevant to regular voters. While Trump has offered […]

Jeb Bush TV Ad borderline laughable

Jeb Bush’s new TV ad was rolled out today and from a Florida perspective it is laughable. Bush starts the ad taking a shot at self-promoters a clear shot at Donald Trump. However, Bush has been perhaps the most consistently shameless self-promoter in politics nationally over the last twenty years with the exception of President […]

Years of arrogance and entitlement catching up with Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush is sinking in national opinion polls and has even fallen behind Donald Trump here in his home state of Florida. Following Bush’s race-baiting on Monday his standing continues to slip. Years of arrogance, entitlement and being disconnected from the realities of grassroots activists in his party have taken a toll on Jeb! On […]