Jeb Bush TV Ad borderline laughable

256px-Jeb_Bush_by_Gage_SkidmoreJeb Bush’s new TV ad was rolled out today and from a Florida perspective it is laughable.

Bush starts the ad taking a shot at self-promoters a clear shot at Donald Trump. However, Bush has been perhaps the most consistently shameless self-promoter in politics nationally over the last twenty years with the exception of President Clinton. Bush used education and school “choice” as his vehicle to create a national  following and has continued to use that even while out of office for the better part of a decade to promote himself. Unlike his brother President George W. Bush who retired from office and went quietly into the night, refusing to criticize his successor, Jeb Bush’s shadow has  loomed large on the state and haunted his successor Charlie Crist and now Rick Scott.

The ad continues with Bush talking about his “proven conservative record.” As Governor, Bush had to call multiple special sessions to deal with budgeting snafus. Especially in his second term, the state began spending more and more money on public works projects and highways. That’s fine by me, but is difficult to characterize as “conservative.” In addition, Bush continues to defend the Iraq War which was one of the LEAST conservative actions taken by a US President in the post-World War II era. The Iraq War completely contradicted conservative principles on spending, nation building and entangling American forces abroad. Traditional conservatives will attest that the war in Iraq was a LESS conservative exercise than just about any major war in US history (although some might argue American entrance to World War I rivaled the Iraq War).

Florida has a balanced budget amendment in our constitution so when Bush says he balanced eight successive budgets, so did Lawton Chiles. Bob Martinez balanced four before him and Bob Graham eight before him.

While the ad comes across as slick, it’s a desperate attempt from Governor Bush who has gained almost no traction in the race for the Republican Presidential nomination to appear statesmanlike. Whether it moves potential GOP voters in early caucuses and primary states remains to be seen. Unless the polls turn around soon, Bush could follow former Governor John Connally (1980) and Senator Phil Gramm (1996) as early co-favorites that turned into GOP Presidential washouts with Texas ties.

The full Bush ad is embedded below.



  1. To position himself as “offering something different” is wildly swinging for fences at a time when he was supposed to be bunting his way to the White House. The whole idea of Jeb as “something different” goes against his brand — and I get what he’s *trying* to do here — it’s just not working. People do want something different, and that’s why they’re ignoring him. Rightfully so.


  2. Doug Head · ·

    What’s the little shot of Goya Foods when he talks about job creation supposed to reference?


  3. And a slick ad it is, too ad none of Jeb’s claims are true! Fortunately, there are enough disgusted Floridians who suffered through the long 8 years of Jeb, who are speaking out and telling it like it REALLY was! In no way was Jeb a “job creator” in those 8 years. The fact is, Florida has had a problem for decades of mostly minimum-wage jobs and a shortage of well- or high-paying jobs! Residential building was at a fever pitch as Jeb colluded with greedy developers to pave over Florida. He decimated environmental protections, allowed the filling of vital wetlands for developers to fill with houses, oh yes, his cronies in the development industry flocked here and did their damage. Overbuilding and acres of empty houses and a stagnant real estate market that resulted from it, is what Jeb created! Likewise, these developers became his most loyal fundraisers, for his second run for governor and for his brother’s two disastrous terms in the White House. Every Monday morning, these two sinister sociopaths would get on the phone (from 2000 to 2008) and plan “who are we going to screw THIS week?” It was a disastrous era in U. S. history, when the dark factions of the Republican party were busy doing their destruction to ordinary Americans, with these two in charge!


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