FDOT begins construction work on Florida’s first Diverging Diamond Interchange

Ddi-small_wp_offLast week ground was broken on Florida’s first Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) on the Sarasota/Manatee county line. The interchange between I-75 and University Parkway (Exit 213 for those of us that drive up and down I-75 between the Tampa Bay area and South Florida regularly as I do) will be the first in the state to feature a concept that is sweeping the nation – The DDI.  This new type of interchange has been proven to reduce congestion, accidents and improve traffic flow.

This concept is difficult to explain so I will let the FDOT video do that job:




  1. The DOT rammed down our throats the new, innovative changes to 1-75 and 1-595 in Broward County. They told us how wonderful and safe it would be instead of having a monorail that would get people out of their cars and quickly move people down the east to west corridor. I believe they didn’t even use an American Co. for this traffic project. In my opinion this is the biggest traffic boondoggle ever. The project was not completed on time and there are accidents virtually everyday. The confusion is massive. Think about it, if you can’t explain this new project and it takes DOT 7 minutes to give you a synopsis of the mechanics of he DDI, what will it take for the average driver to learn how to drive, walk and bike on this new project. I hope I’m wrong but this sounds like someone’s pockets are being lined. Many drivers do not have valid D.L’s, cross over three or four lanes of traffic without looking and don’t have a clue what a turn signal is! Good Luck!!!


  2. This is stupid. One the dumbest designs ever.


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