Marco Rubio’s clownish behavior making Jeb Bush look statesmanlike

Rubio 2For months I have complained that the national political media has adopted a narrative that makes Jeb Bush look like an above-the-fray statesman. Now I can completely understand the point of reference used to create this narrative – it is none other than Bush’s one time protege’ Marco Rubio.

This week’s Republican Presidential Debate on the FOX Business Channel Marco Rubio implied that Bernie Sanders was a bad person because he was a socialist and the United States and world were in great shape in 2008 before President Obama was elected (I am sure Rubio will soon claim Obama’s election was illegitimate for some reason or another while George W. Bush arrived in Washington with an electoral mandate in 2001) and today on Face The Nation claimed he had bought a firearm recently to protect his family from ISIS because of course the rise of Islamic terror is all the fault of the current administration.

By contrast, Jeb Bush has looked mature and like a man playing out the string politically, thus inclined to be more concerned about how we remember him than appealing to the lowest common denominator which Rubio does with alarming regularity.

During the debate Bush tested Donald Trump on his desire to place a temporary ban on all muslims entering the United States. Trump chided Bush that the New York billionaire’s poll numbers had risen since announcing this “plan.” Bush stuck to his guns seemingly wanting to go down as a voice of reason if he is going to lose anyway.

The position of Rubio is the opposite of Bush at this point. In the terms of politically expedient lines to appeal to the GOP electorate, Rubio has blown even Trump and Senator Ted Cruz out of the water lately. Sadly, Rubio instead of playing a long game and thinking the GOP might return to him in the future if this election goes badly has opted to not only join the race to the bottom in the Republican field, but in fact lead that very race.

Senator Rubio looking more and more like a clown who lacks the basic dignity and respect for those in public office to serve as President of the United States. His presentation and personality might appear softer and more cordial than that of Trump, but in fact his rhetoric is almost indistinguishable if you can get beyond the personality. Rubio’s desperation to be President has potentially threatened his prospects to be considered a serious and thoughtful policymaker.


  1. Steve Ellman · ·

    Rubio has, in effect, accused Obama of treason.

    “It’s now abundantly clear: Barack Obama has deliberately weakened America.”


  2. Rubio was raised in the frankly corrupt Miami Cuban heritage, where everybody is on the take and for that reason he is unsuited for this race! The truth is an unknown quantity to this guy, there is much unethical behavior in his past, an offensive ambition about him in spite of his utter lack of experience! His and most of the GOP hopefuls lack the respect for the office of President, period!


  3. A recent article in Esquire by “The Cynic” concluded, “The Cynic believed that there once was an opportunity there with Marco Rubio, but the risk became too great, and now he could become President, when he could have become so much more. (Unfortunately, the entire article is not available online.)


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