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Monday Musings: Reggie Fullwood, Broward Bond Issue, Coral Springs Mayor’s Race, #Fangate, Debate Topics and 2014 is not 2002

House District 13 will not be seeing an election on November 4th. Representative Reggie Fullwood failed complete his paperwork properly and thus, no candidate filed for the seat. A judge ruled that Fullwood could not appear on the November election, triggering a special election. However, Fullwood’s easy re-election is out the window – he now […]

Is Governor Scott’s arrogance due to being a “carpetbagger?”

The farcical opening to Wednesday’s gubernatorial debate at Broward College furthered the narrative emerging from this Governor’s race — that the sitting Governor who has lived in this state for barely a decade has little respect for Florida’s citizens. The patronizing tone he has long taken in lecturing Floridians about the economy reflects the arrogance […]

Equality Florida mailer hits home

Equality Florida one of the most effective and active advocacy groups in the state dropped a very effective mailer earlier this week covering the subjects of same-sex marriage, reproductive rights, bullying in schools, anti-gay discrimination, and gay adoption. The piece contrasts Charlie Crist and Rick Scott as well George Sheldon and Pam Bondi. The targeted […]

TFS makes front page story in Sunday’s Sun Sentinel

Anthony Man’s excellent piece on the Governor’s race on the front page (below the fold) of today’s print edition of the South Florida Sun Sentinel featured The Florida Squeeze. A subscription is required to access the article but here is the excerpt including us: others suggest the negative approach has gone as far as it […]

Florida Republicans falling flat in 2014

For years it felt like the Democrats were the only ones making tactical mistakes in Florida’s off-year election cycles. In 1998, 2002, 2006 and 2010 Democrats made more errors than Republicans allowing the GOP either to run away with victory after victory (1998, 2002 and 2010) or minimize losses (2010). However, this go-round it is […]

Misleading Rick Scott campaign absentee memo way off the mark

I found amusing the memo from Rick Scott’s Deputy Campaign Manager Tim Saler regarding the rates of absentee ballots being returned. The memo would be useful for those of us that love to crunch numbers if it was in any way an accurate reflection of the statewide electorate. Let’s look deeper at the numbers…in Pinellas […]

Flashback Friday: Florida and off-year elections…where national trends stop

National trends don’t always engulf Florida in off-year elections. Florida is again showing it can buck the trend this cycle as Charlie Crist, now a Democrat is pulling away from incumbent Republican Rick Scott in the Governor’s race despite the national mood being decidedly anti-Democrat. Assuming Crist wins, this would simply prove to be the […]

TFS Endorsements: Governor and Cabinet

GOVERNOR:  CHARLIE CRIST While Governor Crist’s record is far from perfect, he is running a strong progressive campaign and is far preferable to Rick Scott. As Governor, Crist’s progressive agenda will achieve general balance and moderation relative to the extreme ideological agenda pushed by the Florida Legislature. This state has not elected a Democrat for […]

Desperate RPOF embarrassing itself in new anti-Crist ad

Florida Republicans are running scared.  Four week away from possibly losing a Gubernatorial election in twenty years, the RPOF is “going nuclear” in its attempts to bloody Governor Charlie Crist while erecting a defense around Rick Scott’s own shady behavior. Yesterday, the RPOF released an ad titled “corrupt” in reference to Governor Crist, even though […]

Why Charlie Crist is now favored once again to win; Scott’s campaign unprecedented for negativity in modern Florida history

According to most public polls, the Governor’s race is a dead heat but Governor Charlie Crist clearly has the momentum. The Republican Party of Florida’s  negative campaign which attempted to slander Governor Crist by taking loose associations and smearing his character based on these relationships was initially successful but hit a point of diminishing returns […]