TFS makes front page story in Sunday’s Sun Sentinel

Anthony Man’s excellent piece on the Governor’s race on the front page (below the fold) of today’s print edition of the South Florida Sun Sentinel featured The Florida Squeeze. A subscription is required to access the article but here is the excerpt including us:

others suggest the negative approach has gone as far as it can, and might not be enough to push Scott into the winner’s circle on November 4th. To Democrats like Kartik Krishnaiyer of Coconut Creek who is active in attorney general candidate George Sheldon’s campaign, Crist has the momentum.

Krishnaiyer recently wrote on the left-leaning political blog The Florida Squeeze of which he is the editor and publisher that the Scott campaign’s negative ads were “initially successful but hit a point of diminishing returns weeks ago.”

The full story can be accessed in the print edition of the Sunday South Florida Sun Sentinel online here (subscription required).


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