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What we are reading: Florida $36 million short for school consturction

The GOP legislators that have run this state for the better part of two decades have failed to meaningfully address the lack of revenue going into the PECO fund for school construction. The potential for annual PECO shortfalls have been apparent since the late 1990’s, but in the desire the GOP always has to cut […]

Flashback Friday: I-10 and Tallahassee – a long road to today

Folks from the peninsula or west Florida who travel I-10 to get to/from Tallahassee may not be aware of the complicated history of building the Interstate through Leon County and how the city was the last major one in Florida (except Fort Myers) to be linked to the Interstate system despite being the state capital […]

Governor Rick Scott – Born again neoliberal?

As Governor, Rick Scott barnstorms the state and its airwaves in his official capacity his political committee is busy at work creating an image of a Chief Executive who is using Government as Florida’s leading advocate. For Scott, the policy may not be different when it comes down to it but the tone and rhetoric […]

What we are reading: Ms. Book goes to Tallahassee, sees no conflict voting $ for Lauren’s Kids or dad’s clients

Much speculation has surrounded Lauren Book’s advancement to the State Senate representing a Broward County-based district. The lack of opposition, the prospects for conflicts-of-interest, etc, etc. Florida Bulldog has a full report on how Senator Book is thus far approaching potential conflicts involving her or her super-lobbyist father. We’ll reserve our editorial commentary and encourage […]

Liberal elites believe class hatred is less ugly than racism. They’re wrong.

The elite liberal id has been let out of its posh little box, and boy is it on a rampage. First there was Markos “dailykos” Moulitsas hoping that West Virginia voters died from lack of healthcare under the Trump administration, because apparently West Virginia voters (and Susan Sarandon) are solely responsible for Trump’s electoral victory. Now […]

GOP torn between traditional Republicanism governing and Corcoranism

We once thought Jeb Bush was the worst thing we had ever seen. Then we met Dan Webster. But Webster seemed likable compared to Johnnie Byrd. Then Byrd seemed tame compared to Marco Rubio. Then Rubio seemed bookish and statesmanlike compared to Rick Scott. Now Rick Scott seems buffoonish and moderate compared to the hard-charging […]

Are major Iran sanctions returning under Trump? One strong indicator says YES

Since Donald Trump ascended to the Presidency he has attempted rhetorically to undermine President Obama and Secretary Kerry’s remarkable achievement in negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran and thawing relations that had been moved to a frozen chill by neoconservatives and other American policy makers. It appears based on events in India that Trump’s Administration […]

Rowdies MLS hopes get major boost with Tampa Bay United parntership

The one major critique against the Tampa Bay Rowdies MLS hopes were up until today that the Rowdies didn’t have a vertical youth system with a USSF Development Academy tie like so many other MLS aspirants and every current MLS club. The Rowdies in the wild-wild west of NASL where youth development and local infrastructure […]

Florida gets Mint service beginning today

Today “Mint” service by JetBlue comes to Florida (finally)! JetBlue will offer Mint beginning today on daily service between Fort Lauderdale and Los Angeles Int’l Airport (LAX). The airline will add Mint service on existing nonstop service to San Francisco from Fort Lauderale in May. Mint is a premium service offered on dedicated new A321 […]

Take a deep dive into Tallahassee politics with Kartik on PNN

LISTEN TO KARTIK’S INTERVIEW: This week Kartik joined me on Progressive News Network to discuss all things Tallahassee, as I ran the show for Rick Spisak. Get the whole podcast here at the PNN portal.  First up: What is populism? Many elites in the Democratic Party would like us to believe that populism, by definition, is a right-wing […]