What we are reading: Ms. Book goes to Tallahassee, sees no conflict voting $ for Lauren’s Kids or dad’s clients

Much speculation has surrounded Lauren Book’s advancement to the State Senate representing a Broward County-based district. The lack of opposition, the prospects for conflicts-of-interest, etc, etc. Florida Bulldog has a full report on how Senator Book is thus far approaching potential conflicts involving her or her super-lobbyist father. We’ll reserve our editorial commentary and encourage folks to read the piece.


  1. Representative Lauren Book needs to recuse herself from all matters concerning her outside interests and her fathers lobbying. Arrogance sunk Hillary and DWS. If she hasn’t learned that the peoples interests are more important than hers, her political aspirations will be short lived.


  2. Fla Voter · · Reply

    Dan Christensen has an ax to grind with Ron Book.

    Sad you’d repost this yellow journalism/ tabloid trash.


    1. This is more investigative journalism than anything. I understand the tough nature of recusing yourself from votes because Ron Book represents a LOT of entities. But I also think the political class in many ways has been unwilling to honestly discuss the potential conflicts and appearances here since Book decided she wanted a Senate seat about three years ago.

      So consider this a conversation starter.


  3. Patricia Lavins · · Reply

    | | | |

    | | | There is also no conflict with a legal resident of Washington, D. C. voting in the 2014 and 2016 elections. This occurred when Corry Westbrook had not had any Florida official rule that she was entitled to vote in Florida. The pattern of illegal and unethical actions will only encourage others to violate the law in future elections. It is also possible that Corry Westbrook voted in Washington, D. C. The Florida legislature can and should repair the problem. |

    | | | |


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