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Flashback Friday: Gemini 6A

Cape Canaveral was the center of so much of America and world’s attention in the 1960’s. This week, forty years ago the capsule was launched and eventually had the first space rendezvous (pictured) with its sister ship Gemini 7. More from Wikipedia.

Florida Cup presents opportunity for German clubs (both corporate and community owned) in US Market

Two weeks ago, I spent several days in Germany for World Soccer Talk. Included in the trip was a look ahead to January’s Florida Cup which will be held in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale. FC Schalke 04 and Bayer Leverkusen 04 both make the journey to the Sunshine State during the one month German Bundesliga […]

CNN’s handling of Republican debate a disgrace

The Republican Presidential nominating contest has proven to be a race to the bottom largely because of the disrespectful demagoguery of Donald Trump as well the desperate nature of Jeb Bush, Florida”s own entitled one who is behaving like the spoiled child that feels this nomination is owed to him and is taking out his […]

Do politicians purposely create tribalism and ethnic divisions?

Politicians and political activists on both sides of the political divide are some of the most judgmental people around – and in many cases create divisions simply to exploit them for electoral purposes. Conservatives seek to divide us ethnically for political purposes aided by a willing media while many of my sisters and brothers on […]

Sources: Florida Democratic Party still pushing rules changes

When the Florida Democratic Party’s State Committee met in Orlando the last day of the State Convention, sources inform us that rules reform was once again pushed and could be addressed sometime next year. Specifically, the thinking is to break up the voting power of state committee members from larger urban counties. Currently under the […]

Flashback Friday: The Final Moon Landing

This week in 1972, the final Moon landing of the Apollo program took place. The launch on December 7th took place from Cape Canaveral with Commander Eugene Cernan, Command Module Pilot Ronald Evans, and Lunar Module Pilot Harrison Schmitt, Space Exploration shifted to more practical ideas after the end of the Apollo program. The Space Shuttle […]

TFS Radio 7: Florida Gators, Donald Trump, Selfish Democrats, New Congressional Districts and Mayor Andrew Gillum

TFS writers – Katy Burnett, Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer recorded TFS Radio Episode 7 today. The following topics were covered. The Gators lose badly in the SEC title game to Alabama and in Basketball to the highly rated Miami Hurricanes…is the world coming to an end? Donald Trump’s statements and the reaction. Why Kartik […]

New Fort Lauderdale Coach Caio Zanardi has the right philosophy about Football (Soccer)

Replacing a legend is never easy, especially when the “legend” was afforded cult status by fans for merely being  better than adequate.  Caio Zanardi the new Fort Lauderdale Strikers Head Coach who has served as Technical Director of the organization since July fills big shoes at least as far as many supporters of the club […]

Darren Soto + Donald Trump: why ConservaDems spell disaster in 2016

IN a political environment driven by campaign cash, it matters who is at the top of candidate fundraisers because it shows who the candidate aligns himself with, while providing a road map of who is bidding on that lawmaker’s future votes. Who co-chairs a fundraiser can help tell the story of a candidate’s past and […]

On Trump, Democrats need to put country and patriotism not party politics first

Democrats are salivating at the opportunity to face Donald Trump next fall. I hear it everyday from Democrats, that they want to face Trump, and how it will be a big boon for Democrats across the country. While this very well might be true, it is not a particularly patriotic position. The reality of the […]