Sources: Florida Democratic Party still pushing rules changes

Democrats-new-logo-01When the Florida Democratic Party’s State Committee met in Orlando the last day of the State Convention, sources inform us that rules reform was once again pushed and could be addressed sometime next year. Specifically, the thinking is to break up the voting power of state committee members from larger urban counties. Currently under the weighted vote state committee members from large urban counties have arguably an out-sized influence over proceedings at the state party level.

Per our sources, several State Committee members from larger counties support some sort of break-up of the vote, though in most of these cases it’s not some sort of abiding conviction to reform that motivates a desire to support change, but either internal local DEC disputes or efforts to curry more influence with the leaders of the state party.

We will continue to track this story as developments warrant after the new year.



  1. I dare them to try to take down Bret Berlin.


  2. The Observer · ·

    They are only going to do what Debbie W let’s them do.


  3. Ron Baldwin · ·

    Great idea !! One vote for each County.

    Oops, isn’t that going back to the old days of the pork chop gang?


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