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TFS + – Defeating DeSantis will require message discipline: It’s COVID stupid!

The Democrats sole chance of knocking off demagogic Statist Governor Ron DeSantis will likely be related to how they can define the Governor’s culpability on Florida’s terrible record on COVID-19. Continue reading at TFS+ .

A case for Crist: Why Charlie Crist for Governor makes sense for Florida’s citizens (but maybe not for Democratic partisans)

Charlie Crist has announced he’s running for Governor for a third time – he was elected to the office as a Republican in 2006, becaming an independent during the last weeks of his final legislative session in 2010, and ran as a Democrat, winning the nomination but losing a close General Election in 2014. National […]

2018 Governor’s numbers showed geographic shifts of both party bases continues

Democrats have been able in the last two election Gubernatorial election cycles to effectively further minimize Republican strength in urban areas. Comparing 2010 when Alex Sink ran a campaign which appealed to moderate voters, those dissatisfied with President Obama’s job performance and classic rural Democrats, once the bedrock of the party in this state with […]

50th Anniversary of MLK Jr. Death: A history of political racism in Florida from 1916 onward

This week in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King we will be re-running some select pieces on Civil Rights that we have featured in the five plus years this site has been publishing. The first is a rerun of a 2017 piece. Editors note: With the recent legislative […]


By Dr Rachel Pienta In response to Brook Hines’s blog-post, “5 LIES THE FLORIDA DEMOCRATIC PARTY NEEDS TO STOP TELLING”… The blog post title is click bait…and, I admit, it got me. I wanted to know if Hines had anything original to say. A few of the points made had merit, others were oversimplified or […]

Born again liberal Alvin Brown and the hypocrisy of the Democratic establishment

Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown has shifted his campaign rhetoric sharply to the left in recent days following four years of centrist governing and sinking poll numbers. Brown’s opponent former RPOF Chairman Lenny Curry has taken advantage of the incumbent Mayors unease with the Democratic base to race ahead in polling ahead of the May 19th […]

Florida featured in Brady Campaign parody video

“Brady background checks have stopped 2.4 million gun sales to prohibited purchasers, but only 60% of current gun sales include a background check.” (from the http://www.crimadvisor.com site). But of course here in Florida, we spend each March and April discussing guns and watching the legislature continue to pass laughable gun measure after gun measure. Background checks […]

Florida Democrats still need Charlie Crist

A fashionable narrative that has developed among some Florida Democratic insiders since the November 2014 electoral debacle is that Republican-turned Independent-turned Democrat Charlie Crist created the environment for electoral defeat. But when you consider the evidence objectively, Crist almost won the Governorship DESPITE the long decayed statewide infrastructure of the Florida Democratic Party and the […]

Do the concerns about Patrick Murphy add up?

Many in the progressive community are talking about Congressman Patrick Murphy’s potential US Senate campaign as a problematic one. Murphy’s voting record is controversial to many on the left – though perhaps it shouldn’t be. After all Murphy represents one of Florida’s wealthiest districts, one where both Mitt Romney and Rick Scott carried a plurality […]

2016, Florida Democrats and the myth of moderate candidates performing well

Much has been made in the last three months of the need for Democrats in Florida to “engage moderate voters,” in the wake of poor electoral performances in 2014. No question exists that moderates have a role to play, particularly in rural areas where the party has seen a complete collapse in support since the […]