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President Obama, national Democrats and Charlie Crist’s defeat

Charlie Crist’s defeat November 4th along with the loss of three other cabinet races mean that Florida Democrats have now lost 17 of the last 18 races for state office. This record is unmatched for futility anywhere east of the Mississippi River. But unlike past election cycles, Florida’s Democrats actually performed equally if not better […]

Progressive Choice reappears in Marriage Equality case

During the spring and summer Progressive Choice Florida caused quite a stir through Democratic Party circles. Speculation was that the organization that dumped tens of thousands of dollars into mail and TV attacking Charlie Crist was simply a well-funded Republican front to try and prop up the failing candidacy of Nan Rich. The other motivation […]

Time for Democrats to think logically about the white vote

Coming off yet another off-year election debacle for Democrats both in Florida and nationally much of the narrative has focused on what Democrats can do differently. The discussion after three weeks has fallen into some lazy assumptions –  The Democrats either need  to shift en masse to the middle of the political spectrum or simply […]

Election 2014: Winners and Losers – Part IV

– Part 1  – Part 2 – Part 3 BIGGEST WINNER SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS AND TALLAHASSEE LOBBYISTS Special interests, corporate lobbyists and Tallahassee insiders celebrated Rick Scott and Pam Bondi’s reelection along with the Republican super-majority in the House. Fear about Charlie Crist’s populist campaign and rhetoric about corporate greed, the insurance industry, climate change, protecting […]

Should Democrats abandon our values in light of election debacle? Some party leaders seem to think so

Post-election some Democratic Party insiders and FDP officials are talking openly about the failed 2014 effort as due to an overemphasis on progressive policies and turning out urban areas of the state. Make no mistake about it – candidate recruitment for 2014 was a massive failure for the party. But the solution of some party […]

Election 2014 Winners/Losers Part II

This is Part II of our election breakdown.  Part I can be viewed here and we will wrap up our list tomorrow with a third installment.  Stay tuned! LOSER JOHN MORGAN AND BEN POLLARA Despite the national Republican tide, legalization of cannabis took major steps forward nationally on Tuesday – except in Florida where Amendment […]

Katy’s Election Take-Aways and First Impressions

Tuesday night stung on a few different levels.  I took a moment for the data to start coming out and marinated a little over various bits coming out.   As I’m sure we will all discuss over the next few months. My main take-away lessons and observations: – The fact that that while African Americans turned […]

Quick Election Takeaways

I will save the long narrative about Florida’s citizens and media for later today. Here are some quick thoughts about what transpired last night. Given the national mood I would caution the critics of the Florida Democratic Party from shooting their mouths off today. I would argue the failure in past election cycles under different […]

The Wyllie factor

Recent public polls in the Governor’s race have continued to show Libertarian Party Adrian Wyllie polling above 5% and even as high as 10% in some surveys. History however shows us that with the notable exception of the 1992 and 1996 pre-election polls, third party candidates tend to flame out on Election Day. Why is […]

Sources: Darryl Rouson playing ball with Republicans potentially threatening Crist’s veto sustaining ability

As Florida’s Democrats are fighting hard throughout the state to elect Charlie Crist as Governor and keep the party’s numbers in the House above 1/3 of the body in order to prevent a veto-proof majority for the GOP, a dissident Democrat is quite possibly making alternative plans. Rep. Darryl Rouson, whose ouster as Democratic House […]