Florida featured in Brady Campaign parody video

“Brady background checks have stopped 2.4 million gun sales to prohibited purchasers, but only 60% of current gun sales include a background check.” (from the www.crimadvisor.com site). But of course here in Florida, we spend each March and April discussing guns and watching the legislature continue to pass laughable gun measure after gun measure. Background checks are an important part of gun safety but the ideological bent of Florida’s leadership prevents a real discussion on this issue.

  • There are 38% fewer murders of women with firearms in states that have background checks for all purchases of handguns.
  • There are 46% fewer women killed by intimate partners in the states with background checks.

Meanwhile,  here in Florida a bipartisan effort it underway to put guns in universities, so those who have gotten them without background checks with have them in the classroom and around campus.

Florida was the first Stand Your Ground State, thanks to probable GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush, Attorney General Charlie Crist and the vast majority of legislators in both parties (A few exceptions were Dan Gelber, Chris Smith and Irv Slosberg). Senator Marco Rubio, also a potential GOP Presidential candidate, voted against federal background checks and voted for Stand Your Ground as member of the State House.

Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi have consistently backed the gun lobby’s world view including on the infamous ” Docks vs Glocks legislation) Maybe all of these half-witted, right wing ideologically driven leaders like Bush, Bondi, Scott and Rubio should do what is proven to make people safer, and is supported by over 90% of the population. Universal background checks, either via ballot amendment (as Washington State just passed) or push their representatives in Washington to enact them there should be promoted. As the legislature becomes more and more ideologically driven, ballot initiatives represent the single best way for the people to capture this state – more on that at a future date.



  1. Richard Block · · Reply

    All private gun sales must include a background check. In Florida anyone can buy a gun without a background check by attending a gun show and buying a gun in the parking lot out of the trunk of someone’s car.


  2. Blue Dog Dem · · Reply

    I find it ironic that you get sensitive about Florida being persecuted by outsiders and national media then post something like this. Hypocrite.


  3. It’s time for ALL Florida counties to outlaw gun shows. It is a local option for any county to pass ordinances prohibiting “gun shows”, which are simply a dangerous go-around for gun sellers to sell to felons!


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