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PODCAST IS UP: Krishnaiyer, Piscatella and Hines on FDP Chair race

Mario Piscatella, Kartik Krishnaiyer and myself recorded this Thursday night, after letting the results of Tuesday’s Miami-Dade State Committeeman election settle-in. The discussion covers what it was like on the ground voting in Miami; where we go from here to elect the next Chair of the party; and our wishlist for a new Chair of […]

What are our values as Florida Democrats?

Reading “Will the Florida Democratic Party Return To Relevance,” while getting settled-in at the Florida Democratic Party Leadership Blue Conference, it leapt out at me that the root of what ails us as a party are issues of trust and credibility. And, these problems stem from our inability to assert a consistent value set, which […]

Despite some positive signs, the FDP remains mired in dysfunction

Monday evening, my colleague Katy Burnett analyzed the hiring of a new leading staffer at the Florida Democratic Party but also assessed some of the greater issues with the party. I will withhold judgement on the hiring until a future date, but let’s take a clear look at what has happened since November 4th with […]

Party controversies fading as Democrats move forward following Pafford victory

While traveling overseas I have been reading with some amusement the analysis of a few people regarding the House Democrats situation and the internal controversies at the Florida Democratic Party. The problem is many of these issues have been manufactured as an effort continues to undermine the move forward being attempted currently by Democratic leaders. […]

The Florida House and Failed Democratic Campaign Leadership

While the Crist defeat was perhaps the most painful for Democrats to bear around the state, the return of the super-majority of Republican control in the House will have far more consequences. While the Crist victory was at least close enough to not be an embarrassment, the defeat of six house incumbents was a shock […]

FDP First Vice Chair Alan Clendenin speaks on FDP changes

FDP First Vice Chair Alan Clendenin who is a recognized statewide leader in the Democratic Party has penned this letter with regards to recent FDP changes. TFS is honored to run this letter from someone who has been a great supporter of this site and of progressive causes throughout the state of Florida.  In the […]

Concerns about the new FDP LEAD Task Force and why Chairwoman Tant must remain Chair

The clamoring for change from the masses of rank-in-file Democrats was heard loud and clear by Chairwoman Allison Tant. While many activists throughout the state are publicly dissatisfied with her reaction to the 2014 electoral debacle, I remain fully convinced Chairwoman Tant should remain in the job and have no doubts that she will continue […]

Unwillingness of House dissidents to let go at the heart of leadership struggles

Editor’s Note: Kartik Krishnaiyer is traveling abroad for the next 12 days. His phones and email however still are active while he travels and he is in touch with many people across the state. Thus he will continue to cover the Florida political happenings throughout his trip which ends November 25th, though many blog posts […]

TFS Website News

Hi folks, apologies for my lack of posting lately as the World Cup and my responsibilities at other websites and media outlets connected to the tournament have kept me busy. Special thanks to Katy and Justin for all their hard work in holding down the fort. A few quick announcements related to our website: Monday’s […]