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Guest Column: Campus Vote Project Working to Help Florida Students Vote

By Cici Battle/Campus Vote Project Florida Coordinator People who follow electoral politics often lament the low voter turnout for midterm compared to presidential election years.  In a state like Florida, it means that fewer voters turn out to elect a governor than go to the polls to elect a president.  College students, in particular, represent […]

Monday Musings, Special Primary Edition: Republican House Primaries, David Foster Wallace, HD-67, Nan Rich Support, Democratic House Primaries

Expensive and intense Republican Primaries are helping incumbent Democratic House members, Carl Zimmerman, Karen Castor Dentel and Linda Stewart. While Republicans retain a shot at taking all three seats, the incumbent Democrats have benefited from the GOP Primaries and the Republicans that are nominated including rising star Chris Sprowles will have to quickly replenish their […]

Monday Musings – Special Primary Edition

We will have a special Primary Election edition of Monday Musings as well as a “Races to Watch” tomorrow here at TFS.

Florida Republicans Walking a Tightrope on Redistricting By Putting Politics Over Florida’s Citizens

Florida Republicans seem self-assured entering the Reapportionment Special Session which begins Thursday in Tallahassee. Having been rebuked for drawing unconstitutional districts, the leadership of the legislature seems to have no problem crying that a minor disruption to the election cycle is somehow worse than the citizens of the state being denied fair representation in unconstitutional […]

Monday Musings: Democrats & Economic Issues, 100 Years Since World War I, Ted Yoho, Curt Clawson, All Aboard Florida and High Speed Rail

The economy is broken. Working middle class Americans are suffering greatly thanks to rising prices, stagnant wages, a dumbed down education system, and a horrendous job market anchored by the service sector, which makes up 80% of the jobs created in that recovery. Our tax code is littered with goodies for the top 1% thanks […]

Monday Musings – Redistricting, The passing of John Seigenthaler, Campaign Finance Reports and Renewed German Patriotism

In case you haven’t noticed, the whole nation is going to go a little crazy about our redistricting case. There is quite a large debate if anything will change. Kartik posted the other day about the consequences to Alan Grayson’s seat, and of course, Corrine Brown’s seat will break up and hopefully make Ted Yoho’s […]

Orlando Area Congressional Districts: What Next for Dan Webster and Alan Grayson?

Late this afternoon, Judge Terry Lewis issued a harsh rejection of Congressional maps that were drawn by the Republican Legislature and declared that districts 5 and 10 were unconstitutional. Effectively, this will redraw the entire Central and North Central Florida congressional map from the Tampa Bay area to Orlando all the way up to Jacksonville […]

Congressional Race Ratings: July 5, 2014: Will President Obama’s Foreign Policy Bungles Doom Democrats?

Thanks to the gerrymandering of Congressional districts by the Florida Legislature, three competitive seats exist on the map this cycle. The reality of the current map is that only four seats were drawn to be truly competitive of the 27 in the state, and that fourth seat (The St Petersburg based 13th) was decided in […]

Why Small County Math Adds up for Democrats in 2014

By Dr. Rachel Sutz Pienta The annual fundraising event formerly known as the Florida Democratic Party’s Jefferson-Jackson dinner, now re-branded as Leadership Blue, was this past Saturday night. Throughout the weekend, discussions of Democratic voter turnout in off election years dominated workshops and earned a mention from former President Bill Clinton during the dinner program. […]

Money, Money, Money – The FDP Shopping List

With all the fanfare and Clinton selfies and fortune cookies, this weekend’s Leadership Blue’s biggest achievement was clearly the big fund-raising numbers.  The announcement that $1.1 million dollars was raised in one day energized the room and everybody in the festivities was very excited. While the FDP has not released the exact number for their […]