The NRA makes endorsements and rates legislators

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has made its endorsements for the 2014 General Election and rated legislators. As would be expected most Democrats fared poorly on the NRA scorecard while most Republicans were rated highly. The organization endorsed every Republican for the statewide cabinet and gave Charlie Crist who at one-time was an NRA backed candidate a “D” grade. George Sheldon got an “F,” while the Democratic candidates for CFO and Agriculture Commissioner were not graded.

Congressional races were also straight forward with every Republican incumbent being graded an “A” or “A+” and receiving the organizations endorsement. No Democrats was endorsed for Congress.

In the State Senate, the NRA elected NOT to endorse Republican Ellyn Bogdanoff in the hotly contested SD-34 race. Bogdanoff was given a B- grade while her Democratic opponent Maria Sachs scored almost as well with a C+. The lack of an NRA endorsement could hurt Bogdanoff with the critical conservative activists needed to generate energy, enthusiasm and a volunteer base in her attempts to return to the Senate. However, it is also possible Bogdanoff’s non-endorsement might be viewed as a plus in the urban district she is seeking to represent again. For years, the late Republican Congressman E. Clay Shaw held on to a similar district with a poor rating from the NRA (in some years Shaw even scored a D or F from the organization).  Several other Senate Republicans like Jack Latvala, Nancy Detert and Rene Garcia scored even more poorly from the NRA than Bogdanoff or Sachs.


In the State House, the endorsements were straight forward and very favorable towards the Republicans. Several House Democrats though had good scores from the NRA, something that  bothers us but  since we have spoken at length about previously , we have no need to rehash these concerns tonight.

The full scores and endorsement list is available here.


  1. Disappointing so many Dems rated highly.

    Really quite sad. Shoes the power of the NRA + lack of convictions many Ds have.


  2. OrlandoChris · ·

    Adrian Wyllie is our best choice folks.


    1. Broward Bob · ·

      nan who? i mean, adrian who?


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