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Thursday IPE Bookshelf: Reagan Official and Liberal Economist Agree; Crony Capitalism is Destroying America From Within

Today for our IPE Section in the TFS Bookstore, I’ve reviewed two outstanding and informative books that the health of our economy and democracy. The authors of these books come two totally different sides of the political spectrum, but both have many of the same conclusions- America’s economy is in peril and being looted, democracy […]

Thursday Bookshelf: New TFS Bookstore Section IPE and First Two Sumbissions: The Stock Market Is Rigged and Inequality is Result of Under-Regulated Capitalism

As we continue to grow here at The Florida Squeeze, we’ll continually be adding new features to our website. There is no question that the number one issue on the minds of Floridians, Americans and most people across the planet is the economy.  If you’ve been following my work here and in other mediums and/or not […]

The Pulp: An Open Letter To Florida Democratic Party- Where Are The Policy Ideas? Where Is The Grassroots Organization?

Dear Florida Democratic Party, I really can’t anymore. Day after day, my Twitter feed, email inbox, and Facebook newsfeed are covered with constant attacks from you against our Republican Governor Rick Scott. Whether it’s bashing him for a weak economic recovery in Florida spearheaded by the creation of minimum wage jobs, his lengthy list of […]

Putin Potpourri: Putin’s Big Lie, Calls To Obama/Merkel, Battalion Withdrawal from Border, Former Adviser Gives Us Insight Into Putin’s Mind

Authors Note: If you’ve been following our coverage or any of the international media’s coverage of the unfolding events in Ukraine, you know that this situation is very fluid and constantly changing. As such, we’ll be giving timely updates to the situation, complete with an overview of the days events in this global hotspot and […]

Ukraine: If Sanctions Fail, What Other Options Do We Have To Stop Putin’s Aggression

So this Ukraine thing is not over. Not by a long shot. Since my last post on Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has invaded and annexed the Crimean Peninsula, amassed troops at the eastern border with Ukraine, and continuing to troll Obama and the West.  While cable news is distracted by the missing Malaysian jetliner, and thus not covering the […]

The Pulp: Other Democrats Can Take Lessons From Orange County Progressives

When I was a freshman at Stetson University, I walked into  pol sci 101, American National Government class, wanting to be a doctor. As I read the syllabus of that class, taught by the indubitable and CNN Hero Dr. Anne Hallum by the way , I came across a quote- a quote that has stuck […]

Putin’s RealPolitik Catches United States and Allies Flat Footed; Must Respond With United Voice

Authors Note: In this part of our multi-part series “The Liberal Case For US/NATO Intervention In Ukraine,” I’ll examine why the international community should regard Russia’s incursion into Ukraine as an act of war, what options the international community and the United States have at their disposal to punish Vladimir Putin and Russia for said […]

#ItsNotWorking: Rick Scott’s BIG Jobs Problem

Like most (wonky) people this past week or so, I was salivating over new economic data for the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the subsequent analysis of those numbers by economics blogosphere. In between such readings, I scurried over to the twitter machine and found Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) Chairman Lenny Curry, Rick Scott’s […]

The Pulp: A Progressive’s Response to Obama’s Sixth #SOTU

First, let me announce that this is the premiere of my new weekly column called “The Pulp.” This column will be a large blend of policy, politics, progress, and yes, even some pop culture. In addition to my weekly column, I’ll also be writing daily posts that will include my “must reads” for that time […]

#ItsNotWorking: Rick’s Scott’s McEconomy

Can you feel it? Maybe you can smell it in the air. The phenomenon that is rattling your senses isn’t the buzzing of a Florida economic revival but rather the potent odor of manure coming from the Governor’s (and RPOF’s) press shop. Newsflash, Florida: We are still stuck in the muck, lagging behind, and have […]