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Ukraine Potpourri: “Referendum” Results, Natural Gas Lines To Europe, More Ground Escalation, Putin’s Threat To NASA

Lots has happened in Ukraine since my last update on the crisis, and there’s plenty to talk about. This past Sunday was election day in two eastern Ukrainian regions- Luhansk and Donetsk, where only one question was brought before their voting citizens on their ballot: Do you support the declaration of state independence of the […]

Thursday Bookshelf: My Generation of War and The Rising Trend Of Military Privatization

Authors Note: In addition to these books, please make sure you check out the latest from Jeremy Scahill: Dirty Wars both the book and documentary that examine the “Obama Doctrine” in this new type of warfare involving drones,  and Restrepo the documentary based on the book War by Sebastian Junger.  My generation is the new war generation. […]

BREAKING: “Democrat” Ed Jany Drops Out of CD-13 Race

The Tampa Bay Times is reporting that Democratic Party-backed Ed Jany, candidate for Congress in the 13th district, has withdrawn from the race. The former US Marine was slated to run against recently-elected Republican lobbyist David Jolly. Many (including myself) had been critical of Jany’s candidacy, and many questions were being asked about Mr Jany’s […]

MUST SEE VIDEO: Marco Rubio doesn’t Believe Climate Change Caused By Man; Broad Hoax

“I Do Not Believe Human Activity Is Causing These Dramatic Changes To The Climate”   Thanks for reading. JS


Media outlets are reporting the Ukrainian National Guard opened fire on CIVILIANS in the city of Krasnoarmeysk. Story is unfolding in real time. Make sure you also check out The Interpreter as well for their live blog of what’s happening in the ground. This news, on top of earlier reports that Putin did not pull […]

The Pulp: America’s Middle Class Is No Longer The World’s Wealthiest,Yet Dems Cheer April Jobs Report

When it pertains to understanding the critical nature of America’s stagnant economy, I’ve repeated a certain summation: It’s not that we don’t get it, its that we don’t get that we don’t get it. If you tuned in to any of the national media in the past week you probably saw a plethora of stories […]

BREAKING: Satellite Images Show Putin Has NOT Moved troops Off Border

Early this week, I wrote about Putin’s tactics in Ukraine and opined that his announcement could be nothing more than propaganda in a de fact war dominated by the manipulation chaos. Now, The Washington Post is reporting NATO satellites show no Russian troop moments along the border despite Putin’s comments. I’ll have more tomorrow as […]