MUST SEE VIDEO: Marco Rubio doesn’t Believe Climate Change Caused By Man; Broad Hoax

“I Do Not Believe Human Activity Is Causing These Dramatic Changes To The Climate”


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  1. so sad……..


  2. Was there ever really any doubt/ Rubio panders to his base and lies frequently with his flip flops. I think he is worse than Romney.


  3. Let’s see: the earth is flat; it is just 5,000 years old; it is a travesty that this Miami resident is standing there, as floodwaters lap at the shops along South Beach on a sunny day, and acting like no action is urgently needed to prevent the inevitable displacement of hundreds of millions of poor, third-world people who live, not by choice, at or below sea level! Not to mention countless numbers in coastal Florida and the Eastern seaboard. I am embarrassed that Florida voters sent him to Washington, D. C. to serve as their senator! While Rome burned . . .


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