Monday Musings – Pinellas mess, Boko Haram, School “choice”, Indian elections, NBC, Manchester City and Baseball in Palm Beach

We led off last week’s column talking about the debacle in Pinellas County RE: CD-13. The hope was this situation would have subsided by now. However,  the opposite has occurred as the fallout has only intensified over the last week as the Pinellas County DEC and its Chairman Mark Hanisee have reacted defensively about the situation. The big question being posed now is whether or not candidates need to be “approved” by party chairs (or whether party chairs should allow themselves to be manipulated by the DCCC especially in such odd circumstances) before running and whether it is appropriate for the chair of the party to threaten those offering themselves to run as Democrats when no other Democrat is in the race. I will have an in-depth report on this matter later in the week.  – KK @kkfla737

Boko Haram group behind the Kidnapping of innocent Nigerian girls is not Al-Qaeda. They are worse. Much worse. I’ll have a piece this week going into detail about Boko Haram including: overview of their history of violence, their evolution as a terrorist organization, and the latest on the what’s happening on the ground.  – JS @JustinSnyderFL

A simple question for “school choice” advocates- is it still considered “choice” if it’s only offered to a select number of families? School “choice” advocates never seem to be able to answer these questions in an honest and straight manner. If private school vouchers really help all children where is the evidence of this? – JS @JustinSnyderFL

Right now, the largest election in history is ongoing in India. The electoral population in India is north of 814 million people, and must be orchestrated in 9 phases. The process started on April 7th and ends today, making it the longest and most expensive at 35 billion rupees or $577 million in the country’s history. The election results will be announced on May 16th. Democracy truly is, a beautiful thing.   – JS @JustinSnyderFL

In the personal shameless plugs of the week, many might have watched NBC’s ten network coverage of “Championship Sunday” yesterday morning. The English soccer club I support, Manchester City won the title and I recently released a book about the Blues which you can find here. Also, I was the first journalist to interview NBC’s on-air talent on camera after the network won the broadcast rights to the Premier League and you can find that video here.  – KK @kkfla737

Build the damn stadium. If you’re a a Palm Beach County resident like me, then you’re probably aware of the ongoing discussions of bringing another Major League Baseball Spring Training and Minor League Stadium to the county. Since that time, the city of Palm Beach Gardens rejected a proposed site off of the Beeline Highway (SR 710). The city of West Palm Beach as you may know hosted the Montreal Expos and Atlanta Braves for some time. Rather than lose the project to another county, West Palm Beach should step up and help bring baseball back. There are numerous sites that can fit such a such complex, but one that has always peaked my interest is the old(and rotting) Jai- Alai stadium lot in Mangonia Park currently owned by boxing crook (crossed out) promoter, Don King. The area could certainly use the economic boom and jobs that come along with it. – – JS @JustinSnyderFL



  1. Rebecca · ·

    The Jany fiasco is a complete embarrassment for the party and is angering African-Anericans.

    Kartik/Justin, any thoughts on the Indian elections?


    1. Rebecca I will have more on the Jany fiasco soon. I have a number of sources locally I am talking to about the issue and want to do a comprehensive Report about the situation.

      RE: The Indian Election it is complicated.

      The Congress Party which tends to be a party of the left has IMO mismanaged the economy, became increasingly corrupt and after initially being pro-American after the 2004 elections in foreign policy has begun to revert to orbiting around Russia, much the way the same party conducted itself during the Cold War. Having to form coalitions with other parties of the left increases the anti-Americanism.

      On the other side you have the right-wing religious fundamentalist BJP led by Modi a man who was denied a US Visa for being anti-Muslim during the second Bush term. The issue of radical Islam is real in India, but the nation has more Muslims living peacefully than any other nation other than Indonesia and a fear exists that the BJP and the other smaller parties of the right who are made up almost entirely of Hindus will choose to shove all Muslims not just the terrorists to margins of Indian society. But the BJP is likely to do better on the economy, be less corrupt and take India out of Putin’s orbit and back to a closer relationship with the West.

      So I am torn. I do not like either option honestly.


  2. Dems in 14 · ·

    The situation with Jany is due to the ineptness of the local party down there.

    Before posters start blaming the FDP understand this was as Kartik very accurately reported a week ago a DCCC decision based on information and sentiments provided by local leaders.

    The Clendenin-Rouson faction which this website openly supports is largely responsible for this mess.

    This could cost us the election in November if not solved. Pinellas too important a county.


    1. I’d be very surprised if Steve Israel is still the DCCC chair after the midterms- especially if results are as bad some of the projections.


  3. Jany is polling 30 points behind Jolly.

    Good move all involved. What a way to cough up a marginal seat!!!


  4. The Pinellas situation is a lot worse than outsiders imagine.

    The trust is broken and the DEC is split at the most critical time in the most important election.

    Charlie Crist is our candidate and he must regrets becoming a D watching all this unfold.


  5. Adam Smith’s Times column simply scratched the surface yesterday.

    But it gave a vivid picture of the divisions out there.


  6. A Florida Democrat · ·

    You know the DEC has the right to select candidates that are electable. Sykes wasn’t electable and would have racially polarized the Dem electorate.

    Anyone who thinks that the DCCC and DEC did the wrong thing here simply isn’t thinking or really is not a Democrat.


    1. If we had a Democrat in the race you might have a case. We don’t. We have an NPA that was not properly vetted and a district that would elect a democrat in November if we had a local candidate with local ties.

      Instead we are working hard to sabatoge the election it seems.


  7. More Fear · ·

    This so-called progressive blog sounds more and more like FOX News everyday when talking about international affairs.

    War mongering, talking about phony terrorism etc. Might as we’ll be Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum screaming at us.


  8. the old guy sitting on the green bench · ·

    I have been sitting here on my bench reading about the circus in the local DEC as I put together something else on seniors. A few quick observations if I may.

    In looking at the recent history of CD-13. It would seem that the candidate selection was directed by either the FDP and/or DCCC, from what I know us local yokels had little voice in the last three candidates. They where presented as a fait accompli. The effect is to negate local control and effectiveness. What we hear on the ground, when your opinion is wanted and/or needed we will give it to you.

    To suggest that the problem is with the “local party down there” is almost a direct slap in the face of many good people who have worked tirelessly for numerous candidates down here. The unfortunate situation we all have or as it has been said, “this mess.” – damn well can impact everyone within the our party throughout the southeast. The time for finger pointing back and forth has past. Have you looked and read any of our friends on the other side’s blogs?

    I am not Solomon. I will go on to suggest that no one reading these words is Solomon either. I am just old guy sitting here watching folks play dodge ball as the circus rolls on by. To my mind some things must happen. Ownership – do not pass the buck. Step up and accept full complete ownership of your actions. Starting at the local level going to the state and yes national level. Publicly own your actions.

    I take umbrage and extreme exception to the concept that either the local, state or nation party has the right veto an individual’s desire to run for an office. If an individual is not legally qualified to run then they should and would be stopped. However a political party has no right to demand that an individual drop a honest campaign for office. The individuals within the party may decide to support one person or another, we all do that. But to wrap yourself in a party office and effectively tell someone not to run smacks of Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall machine politics.

    One of the great strengths of being allied with the Democratic Party is the plurality we revel in. I might want to go one way, someone else another way and you … you want to go yet again a different way yet. At the end of the day we all must work cohesively together for a common goal. If we fail to work together as a single movement I promise you we will be crying in our beer once more. The small minded nay saying and finger pointing is useless and self destructive. Or do you want to engage in another round of he said, she said? What I believe is needed here in the burg; is an open, honest, candid, respectful discussion where all parties willingly listen politely to each other. This needs to be done in an open forum. There is a regularly scheduled meeting set for May 22 at 7 PM of the DEC. Perhaps that meeting could be that open forum. If that where to be the case I would humbly suggest that the meeting be chaired by Alison Tant.


  9. As someone who never really watched soccer before outside the World Cups I loved NBC coverage and the English League this year. What are your thoughts Kartik and how was visiting the NBC Studios in New York? Awesome video by the way!


    1. NBC is has been beyond awesome in everything they’ve done to grow the popularity of the sport and educate new fans about the Premier League. Their coverage raised the bar for soccer coverage not just here in the US but was even noted in the UK where the coverage has typically been much better than in the US.


  10. Do the GOP ever have issues like the CD 13 thing?

    It seems such a democratic thing!


  11. Economics of Public Stadium Funding · ·

    Studies of public funding for sports stadiums almost universally show that, other than short term construction and other low paying jobs, the fantasized economic and jobs gains do not materialize. This is particularly true for short term prospects such as spring training. I suppose if you want to argue that you want spring training at any cost because you love 6 weeks of baseball, then you can take that nostalgic position without looking at hard numbers, but do not ask me to buy any sort of economic analysis in the future.

    How many more articles/studies from across the political spectrum do you need before you accept that, other than lining the pockets of connected local stakeholders and the wealthy owners of teams, publically funded stadiums do nothing but appeal to civic pride in having a team/sport. Such self importance results in worthwhile economic development being neglected, along with necessary infrastructure upgrades in the form of roads, water, wastewater, parks and rec, stormwater, etc.

    Between the economic ignorance and the nonsensical embrace of the warmongering/interventionist Susan Rice sect of the Democratic Party, I begin to question the intellectual veracity of the authors.


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