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Breeze launches West Palm Beach, Frontier returns to Fort Lauderdale and other commercial aviation news

Today, Breeze Airways begins nonstop service from West Palm Beach to Akron/Canton, Charleston SC, Columbus, New Orleans, Norfolk, and Richmond. Breeze Airways which is the creation of JetBlue and Azul founder David Neeleman (a self-described fan of Governor DeSantis) has a focus city in Tampa. West Palm Beach is the second destination in Florida for […]

Democrats botch legislative redistricting fight – but it isn’t the FDP’s fault

A lot has been made of the failure to forward a lawsuit on the recently passed new House and Senate Districts. In 2012, a lawsuit that was filed against the Senate districts resulted in the map being tossed and a much more balanced map being adopted beginning with the 2016 election cycle. Having been back […]

Audio (free access): On Joe Rogan and far left/right convergence on anti-authority

Dave Trotter and Kartik Krishnaiyer discuss the growing issue of support anti-authority and anti-expertise voices on both the far left and far right. This is highlighted by the Joe Rogan situation. This is the type of content we provide on TFS+ regularly.

Governor DeSantis “needs your prayers” per solicitation email that attacks “big tech,” among other things…

Ironic in the same week that Governor DeSantis allies attacked one our state’s foremost faith leaders, Florida native Archbishop of Miami Thomas Wenski, this popped up. The solicitation was accompanied by this plea… — Dear Prayerful Friend, Will you join the Prayer Team for Governor Ron DeSantis? Together we will lift up Governor DeSantis in […]

Governor DeSantis’ team has made war on Archbishop Wenski – it is just like the Fauci hits

In the world of right-wing politics circa 2022, “toughness” and constantly attacking anyone who mildly critiques you are hallmarks of this era. With Florida Governor Ron DeSantis superseding former President Donald Trump as the leader of the national GOP, if anything the nastiness has gotten even harsher. The recent spat between Archbishop of Miami Thomas […]

Busting historical myths – welcome to Albion Florida

In the introduction to our series designed to bust historical myths, we discuss why Florida was different than the other European colonies in North America as well as discussing the El Camino Real road that connected St Augustine with towns in the interior of the colony.  You can listen to the Florida History Podcast on Anchor (which […]

TFS + – Dave Trotter on Russia and Ukraine

Dave Trotter, who lived in Russia for several months in 2019 joins Kartik Krishnaiyer to give his view on the current crisis. Listen at TFS+

Tracking the emergence of the “never DeSantis, never DeSantis,” GOPer.

The Trump Presidency yielded a new sort of conservative opinion leader- the “Never Trump, Never Trump,” Republican. What is a “Never Trump, Never Trump Republican”? A “Never Trump, Never Trump”Republican, is someone who doesn’t want to defend Donald Trump policies, behavior or comments, but chooses instead to attack Trump’s critics, particularly the actual “Never Trump,” […]

Comparing the Congressional Redistricting plans partisan leans

The House and Senate have put forward very different redistricting plans for Florida’s Congressional delegation, while the Governor made an unwise and unprecedented foray into the matter pushing a very partisan gerrymander (outside of southeast Florida- in that region the DeSantis map interestingly is the most favorable for the Democrats). Let’s compare the three plans […]

Albion Florida promo

In this short promo we discuss why contemporary events as well as the mythical telling of American history – historical whitewashing and marginalization of Florida’s role in history prompted us to do this series.