Governor DeSantis “needs your prayers” per solicitation email that attacks “big tech,” among other things…

Ironic in the same week that Governor DeSantis allies attacked one our state’s foremost faith leaders, Florida native Archbishop of Miami Thomas Wenski, this popped up.

The solicitation was accompanied by this plea…

Dear Prayerful Friend,

Will you join the Prayer Team for Governor Ron DeSantis?

Together we will lift up Governor DeSantis in prayer, especially now that he is in the national spotlight.

I was with Governor DeSantis recently where I was able to tell him about all the people who pray for him.

He said, “THANK YOU and tell them to NOT stop.” I know he will cherish a personal note of prayer from you.

Which is why it is so important that you sign your PRAYER NOTE FOR GOVERNOR RON DESANTIS today and use the extra space provided to send him a special message of thanks and encouragement.

Now that he’s in the national spotlight, standing firmly in faith, and fighting for our shared Christian conservative values – Governor DeSantis is a top target for the radical left.

As you well know, Governor DeSantis has had to endure relentless personal and spiritual attacks on a daily basis.

We’ve seen these attacks appear in many different ways…

Attacks from liberal “Big Tech” billionaires who want to silence Governor DeSantis and other outspoken champions of our Christian faith.

Attacks from “fake news” media spinning biased stories against him, his family, and his political allies.

And attacks from liberal politicians who desperately want to defeat his pro-faith, pro-family, and pro-freedom agenda at the ballot box.

Today I need your help as a prayer leader within your community to combat all these attacks on Governor DeSantis by blanketing his home in the Florida Governor’s residence with around the clock prayer protection.

So please, join my prayer team for Governor DeSantis and uplift him with a personal note to sustain and encourage him.

As you may know, Governor DeSantis has taken on the full force of the progressive socialist left:

He said NO to a government-mandated vaccine passport.

He said NO to amnesty for illegal immigrants.

He said NO to Big Tech censorship.

He said NO to defunding the police, and

He said NO to teaching destructive Critical Race Theory in schools.

Won’t you please join us as we pray for Governor DeSantis and let him know just how much you appreciate all that he is doing right now?

Let me step back and introduce myself. My name is Dave Kubal and I’m blessed to be the President and CEO of an army of prayer warriors called Intercessors for America (IFA).

Our mission at IFA is to inform, connect, and mobilize intercessors to pray for our nation and our leaders.

That’s exactly why I’ve written to you today asking you to sign this personal PRAYER CARD for GOVERNOR DESANTIS so we can show him Christian Conservative Americans have his back.

Specifically, we desire to reach Christians nationwide with information and tools to unite them in effective prayer for our nation.

We must remember that God’s word instructs us to pray regularly for our leaders. (1 Timothy 2:1-2).

Together we will honor God, lift up Governor DeSantis in prayer, and give thanks for all that he continues to do as a champion of our shared Christian faith and values.

Thank you for being a prayer warrior I can rely upon.

God Bless,


Alternate text

David Kubal

President & CEO Intercessors for America (IFA)

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