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Shades of 2004 as Marco Rubio’s allies appear to be race-baiting down the home stretch

The GOP won a US Senate seat by a narrow margin in this state back in 2004. Mel Martinez’s cynical and embarrassingly crude campaign was able to overcome first Bill McCollum in the GOP Primary and then Betty Castor in the General Election. Martinez used McCollum’s support of hate crimes legislation as a US House […]

TFS Podcast: White working class voters, 2016 like 2004 and 2000, foreign policy in the US Senate race, will Rick Scott try to influence the result and more

On the latest edition of the TFS Podcast Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer look at the Presidential race and the flight of white working class voters away from the Democrats. The current landscape in Florida is discussed as well. While most in the media use 2008 and 2012 as a frame of reference for how […]

Marco Rubio, Immigration, foreign policy and southeast Florida voters

The most recent polling indicates a significantly higher percentage of Florida Hispanics/Latinos are supporting Hillary Clinton for President than are behind Patrick Murphy for US Senate. The latest polling shows Senator Marco Rubio running 14 points higher among Florida Hispanics/Latinos than the Presidential nominee of his party, Donald Trump. In fact, the gap between Clinton […]

Marco Rubio – ISIS’ greatest recruiter in the US Senate

 The following quote described Rubio’s views relative to other GOP Presidential candidates in 2016 INCLUDING eventual nominee Donald Trump. But Rubio seems distinctive in his willingness to sacrifice American lives, wealth, and prosperity and wreak death and destruction around the globe for most any reason. If you don’t think the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and […]

Marco Rubio on Patrick Murphy: Classic projection and diversion

Marco Rubio is a charlatan. The worst kind of deceitful devious politician. Some politicians don’t have any sort of belief system or ideology. That’s not a positive thing obviously, but what is worse is a politician that will or do anything to get elected but has at his or her heart a strong set of […]

TFS Podcast: Florida votes, Clinton emails, Murphy tax returns, Rubio money advantage, Crist v Jolly and Amendment 1

Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer discussed a variety of topics on this show: – Presidential campaign Where it stands in Florida Clinton email scandal and FBI Director James Comey’s actions National trends 2016 = 1996?  – US Senate race Murphy tax releases not forthcoming – does it matter? Rubio pulling ahead in recent polls. Did […]

Does Marco Rubio respect the Presidency?

Florida’s Junior Senator is just days away from a potential reelection that would send him toward the White House in four or eight years. Rubio has tried to portray himself as some sort of elder statesman, mature and thoughtful in this race. However when he was seeking the GOP nomination for President But does Marco […]