Marco Rubio on Patrick Murphy: Classic projection and diversion

By Michael Vadon (Own work)

By Michael Vadon (Own work)

Marco Rubio is a charlatan. The worst kind of deceitful devious politician. Some politicians don’t have any sort of belief system or ideology. That’s not a positive thing obviously, but what is worse is a politician that will or do anything to get elected but has at his or her heart a strong set of dangerous guiding principles whose implementation would cause great harm for the people our our nation.

As we wrote two weeks ago:

 In Marco Rubio, Florida is currently represented in the United States Senate by a dangerous charlatan. A man so determined to be President and so wed to conservative and neoconservative ideology he is willing to say or do anything to survive and advance politically. Even if that means playing reasonable adult moderate in front of Florida audiences when he makes his once in every six year rounds of the state he claims is his home, but has no affinity for as far as we can tell.

Rubio claims Patrick Murphy is an ineffective member of congress…what Rubio doesn’t tell us is that he never shows up for work and unlike Murphy he’s been in the political process since he was 21 years-old, either working on campaigns, running for office or holding office. He’s a professional politician whose entire being is based around power and the proximity to power. Besides, even if Murphy is really as ineffective as Rubio and his team like to claim, someone who doesn’t do much in Congress is preferable to having a man in office with the mad ambition of Rubio and the most dangerous of neoconservative ideologies. Murphy might actually represent the needs of Florida and our citizens unlike Rubio.

In the past week Rubio has tried to tie Murphy to Trump with the launching of a website asking for Murphy’s tax returns and throwing out some allegations of (loose) ties between the Democratic nominee and the GOP Presidential nominee. Rubio only did this when the heat in the kitchen from his own unwillingness to repudiate Trump become a big deal. This having been said, the Democrats focused too much on the Trump link (possibly because they felt at the time Trump was going to get trounced in Florida) when Rubio has a mile long worth of easier things to pin on him.  The opportunity costs of spending weeks focusing on Rubio’s Trump support can be explored after the election, but it did prompt this bit of projection from Rubio.

Marco Rubio’s campaign put out this colorfully creepy diagram on Halloween:


This is another case of projection. First off Rubio and all of the allied organizations and political committees backing him have outspent Murphy and his allies somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 to 1 since the August 30 primary. Secondly, Rubio is trying to paint a picture of Murphy as “entitled” yet as noted above it is Marco Rubio has been in or around the political process since he was 21 years-old. He was the hand-picked mentee of Jeb Bush and was called the most “articulate young conservative warrior in the country” in 2010. With all sorts of industry and polluter money flooding his campaign coffers and those of the groups supporting him, Rubio has sought to cast aspersions on Murphy’s fundraising. Another classic case of projection.

Floridians have a simple choice – reward Rubio’s dishonesty and keeping him moving toward a potential Presidential run in four years (and this time the GOP is likely to nominate him as a counterreaction to the Trump debacle) or retire him on Tuesday. The stakes could not be higher.


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