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Alleged SETH RICH conspiracy source is UFO/cataclysm website that warns of ‘Nordic aliens invading Texas’

Intellectual fraud has been the hallmark of Russiagate since Hillary Clinton first blamed Russia for her loss to Donald Trump. Wild claims are frequently (and quietly) walked back, while the next cycle of wild claims demands our attention. What started out as a salacious tale of Russian spies stealing an election and then running the […]

Woke Republicans to the rescue?

An essay published in Politico by former Clinton campaign spokesman Jesse Ferguson describes how the Democratic Party plans to win following the 2016 debacle: move rightward toward Romney Democrats. Ferguson builds his house on a rotten foundation, claiming without irony “the Beltway has a fetish” for “the working-class community.” Really, how much time does your average DC […]

2016: The baby boomers last gasp? We can only hope so

President Obama’s election in 2008 heralded in a new era of political thinking and understanding. Much like Bill Clinton’s election in 1992 solidified the baby boomers’ generation as the ones in power, Obama’s election began the transition toward a younger, perhaps more liberal generation. But the 2016 presidential campaign has been the boomers revenge as […]

2016 emails 1996 campaign finance all over again? Clintonian deja vu

Call it Clintonian deja vu. In 1996, Bill Clinton was cruising to reelection and Democrats seemed destined to retake Congress after (what we at the time thought was an accidental) the 1994 GOP sweep. But late-breaking news intervened in 1996 cost the Democrats a chance to retake Congress while Clinton still cruised to reelection albeit […]

Poll: Clinton email scandal

The American political landscape was rocked on Friday by FBI Director James Comey’s decision to reopen the Clinton email probe. Do you feel this is a politically-motivated October surprise by a Republican FBI Director looking to help Donald Trump’s candidacy? Or is Comey trying to help Republican hold the Senate? Or perhaps Comey is simply […]

The Phlip Side: Presidential Election Math

By Sean Phillippi  The Electoral College is an arcane, and not completely democratic, way of electing a president. That being said, it is the system we have, so we must look at this election through the lens of the Electoral College map. For historical reference, here is the 2012 Electoral College projection I posted two […]

The Phlip Side: Which landslide election will 2016 emulate?

Editor’s note: This week Sean Phillippi begins a weekly column for TFS with his latest thoughts and observations from around the political landscape.  By Sean Phillippi Anyone who says that they know what is going to happen with this November’s presidential election is either lying to you, lying to themselves, or they simply don’t know […]