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Florida’s first 20th Century GOP Governor – Claude Kirk

In 1966, colforul and flamboyent Claude Kirk became Florida’s first post-Reconstruction Republican Governor while his party surged with increased seats in the legislature. Kirk’s flamboyance and ability the state’s racial backlash allowed him to break Democratic dominance of the state for the first time in a century. The Kirk legacy is covered from head to […]

In 2020, the GOP holds the slightest of edges in Florida

The common narrative among activists and those who are hopeful that Democrats will win Florida in 2020 is that President Trump is so unpopular and demographic shifts will deliver the state to the Democratic Presidential nominee. But the problem is Trump isn’t as unpopular in the state as many Democrats think (particularly among those most […]

Florida Republicans looking to launch “Florida Fusion for Hillary”

The defeats of favorite sons Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio have left Florida Republicans embittered toward the party’s Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. For many Republicans though, Hillary Clinton represents a soft landing when contrasted to Trump. Losing the Presidency is tough for any political party but many Republicans seem willing to sacrifice the White House […]

April’s GOP Flavor of the Month: Why Marco Rubio and can it last?

Florida’s Junior Senator has shot up the Republican Presidential rankings in recent weeks, becoming without any question a top-tier candidate. Rubio leads some national polling and unlike other candidates in both parties has had an almost flawless campaign launch. How exactly did this happen, and why is Rubio suddenly a real contender for the GOP […]

Florida Democrats at a crossroads: Republican economic failures

Florida Republicans have long sold economic growth and tax cuts as the fundamental core of the party’s messaging. While other issues such as school vouchers, restricting women’s reproductive freedom, undermining marriage equality and undermining restrictions on gun ownership have been the sexy headlines in Florida’s papers. But the Republican brand has been based on tax […]

Misleading Rick Scott campaign absentee memo way off the mark

I found amusing the memo from Rick Scott’s Deputy Campaign Manager Tim Saler regarding the rates of absentee ballots being returned. The memo would be useful for those of us that love to crunch numbers if it was in any way an accurate reflection of the statewide electorate. Let’s look deeper at the numbers…in Pinellas […]

Florida tax system unfair, says WalletHub

Florida ranks as one of the worst states for tax fairness according to WalletHub . Among the 50 states, Florida ranked third from bottom in terms of tax fairness for the poor, fourth from bottom in the liberalism of the state/local tax system and fifth from bottom in overall tax fairness. The full report can […]

The Crist Files: Crist The Closet Democrat?

From the Crist files A Palm Beach Post Editorial from February 2007: Crist “Has Given Democrats More Than They Could Have Gotten” On Their Own In a February 2007 article analyzing Crist’s decision to use an Executive Order to restore all federal rights to felons after they have served their sentences, the Palm Beach Post […]

Editorial: Rick Scott Played The Tea Party Like A Fiddle

Political outsiders and those involved in reform movements almost universally become disillusioned and disappointed with those whom they helped get elected. Thus the Tea Party’s denunciation of Rick Scott’s recent move towards the conservative positions formerly held by Florida Republicans (as contrasted with the hard right reactionary positions of the 2008-2012 time period) is not […]