Florida Republicans looking to launch “Florida Fusion for Hillary”

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 8.19.14 PMThe defeats of favorite sons Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio have left Florida Republicans embittered toward the party’s Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. For many Republicans though, Hillary Clinton represents a soft landing when contrasted to Trump. Losing the Presidency is tough for any political party but many Republicans seem willing to sacrifice the White House in order to maintain control of the GOP apparatus for future elections.

Political operatives are the most hostile to Trump’s ascendancy as routine party contracts might be impacted and many donors with ties to Wall Street are not pleased with the GOP Presidential front runner’s stands on “free” trade and the potential of a conflict with China. Following the lead of the neoconservatives several Florida Republicans are considering bolting for Hillary Clinton, under the guise of putting country first.

A further fear among these Republicans exists that Bernie Sanders may be gaining traction among Democrats nationally despite his resounding Florida defeat, with his anti-establishment pro-empowerment message. But a narrative that Clinton’s camp (in spite of the polling evidence) is pushing is that she is a much stronger General Election candidate then Senator Bernie Sanders.

Furthering this notion is part of why Democratic Party insiders have had extensive discussions with Republicans about forming this group here in Florida. It would help convince the media and super delegates that Clinton is inevitable and Sanders is a sure loser. Clinton’s allies are also using the threat of Sanders “Democratic Socialism” and anti-war stands as a real threat to the establishment – a potential Trump v Sanders matchup would deny the class of political insiders and media pundits a favored candidate who can guarantee a continuation of the culture around politics as it is.

Sources indicate the GOP group could become active in Florida by mid-May with unity and putting the nation first above partisan politics being a theme. How prominent the Republicans who lend their name to this effort are is still unknown, although several political consultants and lobbyists who represent Fortune 500 companies are thought to be involved in the effort.  We will keep everyone posted on this possible “Florida Fusion for Clinton” effort behind Hillary Clinton for 2016.

Any speculation as to who might be part of this group when it launches?



  1. Because she lays no claim to the “independent swing voter,” HRC is going straight for Republicans now? Yowza.


  2. Patti Lynn · ·

    An interesting concept. I have heard from some moderate Republican friends that they, too, feel this way. If Republicans of substantial political weight join, the concept could become a reality.


  3. Utter Balderdash! Trump 4 viktory!!


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