Florida tax system unfair, says WalletHub

Florida ranks as one of the worst states for tax fairness according to WalletHub . Among the 50 states, Florida ranked third from bottom in terms of tax fairness for the poor, fourth from bottom in the liberalism of the state/local tax system and fifth from bottom in overall tax fairness. The full report can be viewed here. 

Republican Governor Jeb Bush and Rick Scott as well as GOP legislators consistently discussed the need to lower taxes to create a”favorable business climate.” But for all the tax incentives and rhetoric of Republicans in the legislature and executive branch they have proven over the past decade they are consistently unable to attract business to the state. Interestingly, Republicans in neighboring southern states have fared much better at attracting large corporations to either relocate or set up major operations.

For a state of its size, one of four true “mega-states” with more large and medium sized urban areas than any other state in the US, Florida has a pathetically small number of Fortune 500 companies based in the state.  Despite a tax rate lower than most states and “right to work” status which prevents unions from effectively organizing, Florida’s Republicans have failed badly.

So not only can they not attract enough new business to the state, but Florida’s Republicans have crafted a fundamentally unfair tax structure that hurts working families and those who seek to be upwardly mobile in society. It has long been the goal of Florida Republicans to reward corporations and entities that handsomely contribute to campaigns.

The WalletHub report simply confirms what we already know about Florida’s tax structure. In the past attempts by members of both parties to reform it have unfortunately fallen flat. Let us hope in the future we will have greater opportunities to reform the regressive Florida tax system.


  1. The owners of this fake blog are racists. They had twitter suspend our account because they are Crist operatives. They do not want the precious racist Florida Democratic Party hurt. Several months ago, Leslie interviewed Nan Rich for her popular radio show. During that time, she found out that Emily’s List refused to even include Rich on their list, let alone endorse her. NOT EVEN INCLUDE HER. Did this blog run by Crist and the racist Florida Democrats do anything to ensure that Rich got a fair shake in the party? Crist refused to debate her. This was tantamount to disrespect. Where was your voice? Crist ignoring a woman who was running for Governor, the first and the recipient of NOW’s Susan B. Anthony Award deserved better.

    Who is Leslie Wimes? She is an advocate for women. She stands by the principles of the Democratic party. You wonder why she brings up race? Seriously? Like women, blacks don’t have a voice in Florida. She is trying to change that by starting the Democratic African American Women’s Caucus. I’m helping her get the word out. I set up the Wikipedia page because I think it is incredibly powerful that she is giving a voice to black women when they YES THEY will sway your Democratic election and none of you have made any attempt to listen to what’s impt to them. Instead you say she’s talking too much about race. Any one of you that says that is a bigot and a bully because there is no way that you cannot acknowledge that race is an issue in America. And berating Leslie isn’t going to make it go away. Demeaning her will not make it go away. Calling her names doesn’t make it disappear. It only proves that you are intimidated by the conversation.

    The Florida Democratic Party and the Democratic Women’s Club is refusing to certify the caucus. They want Leslie and her black friends to stay under the thumb of an all white executive leadership.

    Enabled by AstroTurf blogs like this that are funded and backed by Charlie Crist and the Florida Democratic Party, racism and sexism prevails.

    We will be launching a boycott of this blog. Get the word out readers.


  2. […] for your wallet.”   (This particular survey from Wallethub was preceded by one they conducted on fairness of state taxes to poor and minorities.   State taxes were considered “unfair” if they did not sufficiently gouge higher […]


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