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RIP Tommy Hazouri – a great public servant from the “Golden Age” of Florida politics until today

A legend of contemporary Florida politics left us on Saturday. Former State Representative, Jacksonville Mayor, Duval School Board member and current Jacksonville (city) Councilman Tommy Hazouri passed away at 76. Hazouri’s public service career spanned my entire lifetime and I have personally admired his dedication and persistence in his devotion to Jacksonville. Admirably he kept […]

DeSantis v Biden a reprise of Jackson v Clay

So much of American political discourse these days focuses on a comparison between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton’s views of Government and society. In fact, this week with the clashes over vaccines and mandates, the Jeffersonian (DeSantis) v Hamiltonian (Biden) comparisons have been made. But neither Jefferson nor Hamilton would fit cleanly into the current […]

TFS + early access: DeSantis Jacksonian Republicans vs Biden’s Henry Clay Democrats

Note: This piece will be available for the general public on Saturday afternoon So much of American political discourse these days focuses on a comparison between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton’s views of Government. President Donald Trump’s love of Andrew Jackson, the conqueror of Florida for the United States was no secret. Ron DeSantis has […]

Poll/ open discussion: How do our readers feel about Federal vaccine/testing mandates?

Following weeks of rising COVID cases, highlighted by the situation here in Florida where an authoritarian Governor has stood in the way of local governments and the private sector’s efforts to mitigate the spread of the virus, President Biden acted on Thursday. President Biden’s decision to mandate either vaccinations or weekly testing for employee include […]

More cuts to scheduled Florida air service this week

More changes to Florida air service this week with COVID-19 continuing to rage in the state and numbers increasing elsewhere. KLM has suspended service from Amsterdam to both Miami and Orlando until late March. Royal Air Maroc has cancelled Miami to Casablanca service until at least late March. Caribbean Airlines has zeroed out Fort Lauderdale […]

Florida’s COVID crisis a reflection of DeSantis malfeasance and autocratic instincts

Last week, Florida led the nation in per capita deaths from COVID-19, which is especially odd given the Governor and his Press Secretary Christina Pushaw challenged the media to compare Florida to blue states in terms of COVID numbers (and as usually happens what Pushaw tweets ends up in the right-wing site within hours, in […]

DeSantis achieves a hat-trick of news cycles with crazy COVID quotes

For three successive news cycles Governor Ron DeSantis has had odd-ball quotes related to Florida’s continuing COVID crisis. This is a remarkable feat, a “hat trick” of sorts. On Wednesday Governor DeSantis told reporters the following : “I don’t know why the masks have politics around it.” Ron DeSantis September 8, 2021 Interestingly it is […]

Governor DeSantis “herd immunity” obsession and desire to out-MAGA Trump guiding so much that’s wrong with his policies.

Each passing news cycle, Governor DeSantis continues to make incredible claims about COVID-19 in Florida and twisting what is in fact scientific and what is political. Ever since last summer when we learned Dr. Scott Atlas had a line into Governor DeSantis, the concept of “herd immunity,” has guided much of the Governor’s thinking and […]

The Florida Land boom and bust of the 1920’s

The Florida Land boom and bust of the 1920’s helped usher in the Great Depression. On this week’s Florida History Podcast we discuss the boom and eventual downturn. Apologies in advance for Robert’s audio, we will have the problem fixed for next week. You can listen to the Florida History Podcast on Anchor (which hosts our show), Spotify, Google, Apple […]

25 years ago – The (brief) Florida rebirth of the most famous name in aviation: A photographic history.

In September 1996, less than five years after the original Pan American World Airways had made its last flight (December 4, 1991 from Barbados to Miami) a new airline with the classic name took the skies. The airline was a marriage of the estate of the defunct Eastern Airlines and Florida Businessman Chuck Cobb who […]