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Remembering Patrick D. Smith

On this week’s Florida History Podcast, we discuss the legacy of one of the greatest ever writers from Florida – Patrick D. Smith, whose epic work “A Land Remembered” remains the definite historical novel covering the generations of Florida’s growth from statehood to the bustling 1960’s. You can listen to the Florida History Podcast on Anchor (which […]

DeSantis attacks on business and alliance with anti-vaxxers part of a broader GOP repositioning with class-based undertones

Ron DeSantis recent rhetoric as well as his executive actions we’ve pointed out are broadly authoritarian, anti-science and are based upon blatant pandering. But what we have not discussed to this point is how DeSantis actions reflect the shifting of both parties electoral coalitions and how vaccines have become more than the partisan or ideological […]

Shady Ridge Natural Area video

Shady Ridge in Coral Springs is a hidden gem in an urban area, not far from the Ramblewood East Condos.

Lincoln Project hits DeSantis again with clever revised ad

This ad is a slightly revised version of an older ad that overlays soundbites from this week’s cringe-able press conference in Alachua County with COVID data. Disclaimer: Kartik Krishnaiyer is a recurring monthly donor to The Lincoln Project

Florida’s grim COVID milestone hardly acknowledged by Governor DeSantis

On Thursday, Governor DeSantis said nothing as Florida officially crossed a dubious threshold – 50,000 deaths due to COVID-19. The dubious mark puts Florida near the very top of COVID death statistics especially for 2021. More than 12,000 Floridians have died in the most recent wave of the virus which began about eight weeks ago. […]

Avelo launching West Palm Beach while others cut Florida flights

Our weekly look at changes in Florida commercial aviation. First this week’s good news: Avelo will add West Palm Beach to its network with nonstops from New Haven this winter. Frontier will continue to fly nonstop from Tampa to Portland (ME) and Raleigh/Durham year round. They will also fly Orlando-Colorado Springs and Orlando-Little Rock year […]

Lincoln Project hits DeSantis as “Governor FreeDUMB” in new ad

Disclaimer: Kartik Krishnaiyer is a recurring monthly donor to The Lincoln Project

Remembering the 1926 Miami Hurricane which ushered in the Great Depression

In 1926, Southern Florida was impacted by a strong Category 4 storm whose impact went far beyond just the region. When adjusted for inflation its the costliest Hurricane in US history and had a direct impact on the end of the Florida Land Boom and the beginning of the Great Depression. This week on the […]

The growing irrelevance of Rick Scott and Marco Rubio in Ron DeSantis’ Republican Party

The GOP is the party of Ron DeSantis. The Florida GOP and the national Republican Party now both have DeSantis as their titular head. As DeSantis emerges as an authoritarian leader in Florida and the star of the right-wing media ecosystem nationally, his predecessor as Governor, Rick Scott and Florida’s Senior US Senator Marco Rubio […]

How much more do Florida taxpayers have to tolerate of DeSantis extra-constitutional actions?

The Governor and the State of Florida continue to take an extra-constitutional approach to governing that has led to a system break during a deadly pandemic which has claimed the lives of close to 50,000 Floridians. Not only are Florida’s citizens getting ill and dying in remarkable numbers but the taxpayers are on the hook […]