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Florida 1990 – Lawton Chiles, A Walking Legend

Last year we released a film about Governor Lawton Chiles 1990 campaign. The full film in its entirety is below.

Andrew series Part IV: President Bush, Governor Chiles, FEMA and the botched storm response

Part I Part II Part III  This is part four of our month-long series on Hurricane Andrew President George H.W. Bush had won Florida by 22 points in 1988, his best performance in the southeast United States. Having just been renominated for a second term the previous week, Bush was looking forward to hitting the […]

Guest Column: Tallahassee Mayor to Launch Family First on Friday

By Dr. Rachel Sutz Pienta On Friday, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum will hold a community Summit on Children, to kick off his Family First Agenda. You can watch the event here beginning at 8am ET Friday. A Gillum-penned op-ed appeared online at The Huffington Post. In the article, Gillum made the argument for investing in children: […]

Flashback Friday: Florida and off-year elections…where national trends stop

National trends don’t always engulf Florida in off-year elections. Florida is again showing it can buck the trend this cycle as Charlie Crist, now a Democrat is pulling away from incumbent Republican Rick Scott in the Governor’s race despite the national mood being decidedly anti-Democrat. Assuming Crist wins, this would simply prove to be the […]

A Bill Nelson for Governor potpourri

According to national media reports, Senator Bill Nelson is considering a run for governor. Florida papers have been hounding him and editorializing about it since at least April. And of course the source above, MSNBC’s Hardball, has built its reputation such as it is by living every day like it’s silly season. But this newest round of speculation […]

The Crist Files: Crist attacked Lawton Chiles and Rick Scott on private plane use- what is Crist’s own record on this matter?

On Monday in his fiery announcement speech former Governor Crist attacked Rick Scott stating he was “flying around Florida in a private jet to hold press conferences.” Yes this is a serious issue but Crist has his own demons on this issue. As we’ve chronicled previously on this site Charlie Crist, later-day Democrat had a long […]

Throwback Tuesday: From Florida Memory, Gov. Farris Bryant Testifies in front of US Senate

The Florida Division of Library Services has a wonderful website called Florida Memory where they share photos, videos and audio from some great moments in Florida history. If you are a junkie of this state’s history like myself, you are sure to spend hours on the site as I have done in the past. In […]

How much time does Bill Nelson have to make a decision? Longer than you may think.

Florida is alive with speculation that 70 year-old  US Senator Bill Nelson will jump into the Governor’s Race thus potentially saving the Democrats from a messy primary process and the possible nomination of former Governor Charlie Crist. Concern grows weekly that Crist’s political baggage  which continues to pile up could be fatal to any hopes […]

The Myth of Gun Control and Florida Voters: Part I

This is the first of a three part series on how Florida’s gun laws became so wacky. We are told Florida is a conservative state and because of that in many cases Democrats must support the right to bear arms, and in the case of the stand your ground law the right to use arms indiscriminately.  […]

School “Choice” Part II: Democrats About Face

Editors Note: Today we continue our three part series on School “Choice” legislation with part II. Part I can be found here. The legacy of Bob Graham, Reuben Askew and most recently Lawton Chiles in fighting extreme right wing efforts to hijack our public schools was effectively undone not only by Jeb Bush and his […]