A Bill Nelson for Governor potpourri

According to national media reports, Senator Bill Nelson is considering a run for governor. Florida papers have been hounding him and editorializing about it since at least April. And of course the source above, MSNBC’s Hardball, has built its reputation such as it is by living every day like it’s silly season. But this newest round of speculation contains new specifics from Jim Davis, Bob Graham and ‘national Democrats close to Nelson,’ plus the venerable Brandon Larrabee has taken up this scenario in a recent News Service of Florida piece.


Kartik is preparing an analysis of this tantalizing possibility. For now, a few thoughts:

  • Many Obama for America alums, notably including Steve Schale, have lined up behind Crist. How would Nelson’s entry affect the rift between state party loyalists and more OFA-leaning Democrats, many of whom are currently committed to Nan Rich?
  • Is there any chance that Crist and Nelson could strike a deal whereby Crist takes Nelson’s Senate seat in exchange for dropping out, as speculated by some including self-avowed non-journalist Peter Schorsch?
  • We all know how Rick Scott plans to run against Charlie. Seeing as how attempts to peg Nelson as a liberal outsider have failed repeatedly, which angle would Scott’s campaign employ were he to win the primary?
  • Other possible replacements for Nelson: DWS? Dan Gelber? Who you got, readers?


  1. Sharon Sjokvist Isern · ·

    Please, please Senator Nelson…run for Florida governor!


  2. Nelson, Crist, Scott? What’s the difference.. The only good reason for supporting Nelson is to get him out of the Senate and to let a real Democrat run.

    Crist cannot win a statewide race because of too much opposition from both Republicans and Democrats.

    DWS is probably going to spend another 40 years in the House. She would be stupid to give up her House seat.

    I like Jim Smith. But, he has been out of action so long. He would win Tampa/St.Pete and South Florida.

    Dan Gelber would be fantastic. He would win South Florida hands down. But, is north Florida going to vote for the Jew Boy from Miami Beach? I doubt it.

    Former Miami Mayor Manny Diaz? This brings into play the Hispanic vote. And Manny could ultimate challenge Marco Rubio. I just think he is too happy making money in the real world.


  3. Bill Nelson just won his re-election. It would be a career ender if he just up and leave the senate now to “step down” to run for governor. Charlie Crist ran for senate and lost. Are we that desperate to give him a senate seat when he could not win it on his own? Winning should be so easy. Put in a surrogate to win, then replace him with a losing candidate. Any democrat who thinks that is the way to go should change parties.


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