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The time for Nikki Fried to end her quixotic campaign for Governor has come – Democrats must unite to fight the budding DeSantis theocracy

Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried certainly has her fans – marijuana activists, young people, out-of-state “resistance” types and those who like quixotic, narcissistic and impulsive candidates (perhaps they want a Democratic version of President Trump?). Here at TFS, we believed Senator Annette Taddeo would make the best Democratic candidate for Governor. We also like Governor Charlie […]

Does Nikki Fried have a gun problem? YES

Last month, Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried sued the Biden Administration about an issue related to guns, citing “freedom” as a leading cause of her position. Now Fried claims she’s for an Assault Weapons Ban: Fried has a history of supporting GOP candidates and pro-gun legislators including former Senate President Joe Negron. Senator Annette Taddeo, […]

Crist lapping the field in latest St Pete Polls survey of Democratic Primary for Governor

The latest St Pete Polls survey for the Democratic Primary for Governor gives Congressman Charlie Crist a commanding lead in the race for the party’s nomination. Crist, a former Republican Governor has been hit by leading opponent Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried for his GOP past, however in recent weeks more revelations about Fried’s recent ties […]

Why is Nikki Fried suing President Biden?!?

Nikki Fried is continuing to embarrass herself

We’ve spent a lot of ink on this site regarding whether Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried is someone the Democrats can afford to nominate for Governor. Her track record of unforced errors and gaffes hit a boiling point some time ago. Since those articles were written, questions have increased about Fried’s ability to take on Governor […]

Monroe County BOCC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Can Florida Democrats afford to nominate Nikki Fried?

Commissioner of Agriculture, Democrat Nikki Fried was back in the news this week for the wrong reasons. As a result of one of the many unforced errors related to Fried we have previously discussed on this site, the Commissioner was reprimanded by the bipartisan ethics commission this week. It’s increasingly obvious Fried, despite some snappy […]

Nikki Fried’s latest problem speaks to the malaise within the Democratic Party – #SomethingNotNew

It’s no shock for those of us familiar with Tallahassee to learn Nikki Fried has actively campaigned for or given money to some onerous right-wing Republicans. It is after all what lobbyists do, and in this day and age of GOP domination of the state. In fact, rumors about Fried’s associations with Republicans are far […]

DeSantis polling now underwater thanks to COVID-19

In the wake of record COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in the state, our friend, Florida Politics Founder and Editor Peter Schorsch wisely commissioned a poll to test the views on masks in schools as well as the Governor’s horse race, via St Pete Polls. The results indciate a dead heat between US Rep. Charlie Crist […]

What the heck is Nikki Fried thinking about when it comes to masks?

Monday provided us a surprise that in my circles didn’t go over particularly well (and that’s being very diplomatic). Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner who likes to tout that she’s the only statewide elected Democrat and engage in her own performative behavior when it comes to criticizing Governor DeSantis is not in support of a statewide mask […]

Fried’s financial disclosure snafu- it is a big deal if you are looking at a broader picture

Financial disclosure forms, a legacy of the progressive good government Florida of yesteryear are sometimes very difficult to navigate. However, large errors like the one Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried previously made and amended right before she jumped into the Governor’s race, give fodder to political opponents even if they are largely innocuous mistakes. My opinion […]