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Democratic Unity Essential on Gun Legislation

The extremist Tallahassee gun lobby is now several years into kicking the dead horse of liberalizing our gun laws. Unified Sportsmen of Florida Executive Director/NRA spirit animal Marion P. Hammer and her legislative surrogates in the Republican majority have ensured that gun control is off the table since the Jeb Bush administration, if not before. […]

Casino Gambling: The Vegas story

Two years ago Ross Hancock, a friend of our site was running for State House against Rep. Erik Fresen. During the campaign he visited Las Vegas to give us a preview of what Florida may face if large-scale gaming is passed here. Ross’ campaign fell just short losing in November 2012 by about two percentage […]

Casino Gambling: Florida’s last resort?

Last week, the Senate Gaming Committee workshopped a major casino gaming bill, SPB 7052. The 453-page proposal would overhaul Florida’s gambling laws by authorizing two “destination resort” casinos in Broward and Miami-Dade; establishing a Department of Gaming Control with 5 Governor-appointed members (usurping the authority of the Dept. of Business & Professional Regulation and further injecting politics into casino oversight); and […]

Flashback Friday: The Cross Florida Barge Canal

A subject we’ve discussed a little bit in the past but never on its own, the Cross Florida Barge Canal and the movement to stop it are among the biggest environmental issues in the history of a state that is marked by huge environmental issues. Promoters of the canal sought to bisect Florida from Fernandina to Cedar […]

HB 209: More Gunshine State madness from Republican Tallahassee

Sen. Jeff Brandes (R-22) and House companion bill sponsor Rep. Heather Fitzenhagen (R-78) are joining Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-4) this Session in carrying water for the extremists at the NRA and United Sportsmen of Florida, their crazier Tallahassee cousins. Back in October she filed HB 209, which would legalize unlicensed firearm possession during mandatory evacuations during […]

Water issues will define 2014 session, both parties in Tallahassee

Oh, I know that in one’s youth that beauty, justice, truth / Seem to be what life is all about. But when the facts are faced, you realize that life is based / On water coming in and going out. “The Plumber is the Man” by Garrison Keillor Due to national attention regarding Florida’s choking waterways it’s now […]

Poll, redux: Is Sen. Nan Rich a viable candidate?

Back in November, we ran a poll asking whether former Senate Minority Leader Nan Rich is a viable candidate for Governor. 49% of you responded “No,” 42% said “She has the potential to go all the way” (i.e. win the general election), and 9% thought “She can beat Charlie Crist but would lose to Rick […]

HB 255: Rep. Gaetz’s ‘Red Meat for Gun Nuts’ Act

Whether you’re begrudgingly supportive of Charlie Crist, optimistically still backing Nan Rich, quixotically hoping for Bill Nelson to jump in, or one of those sociopaths that voted for Gov. Scott, one thing we can all agree on: Florida faces many problems. Real problems that affect people’s lives in real ways. Some of which can be […]

HB 143: The Latest Republican Tax Hike in Disguise

The 2014 legislative session begins March 4th. TFS will be providing in-depth coverage of notable bills and their progress in both chambers from now until Sine Die and beyond. Rep. Jake Raburn (R-Valrico) from District 57 represents one of the safest Republican House seats in Central Florida, an 80% white, largely rural locale you may have taken […]

CFO Atwater bid for FAU presidency denied, Broward Dem upheaval averted

As our readers doubtless know by now, CFO and Tallahassee powerhouse Jeff Atwater’s bid to leave his office to become President of Florida Atlantic University has failed. The committee in charge for selecting the new president explained its snub of Atwater citing a wish for its choice to appear apolitical in nature, though former U.S. […]