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Flashback: Editorial on gambling in Florida

With gaming once again on the front burner as legislative session began today, it’s critical Floridians understand the ramifications of any sort of expansion of gambling in the state. Some of the players have changed but the issues remain largely the same – thus we are rerunning an editorial which was published on the opening […]

Casino Gambling: The Vegas story

Two years ago Ross Hancock, a friend of our site was running for State House against Rep. Erik Fresen. During the campaign he visited Las Vegas to give us a preview of what Florida may face if large-scale gaming is passed here. Ross’ campaign fell just short losing in November 2012 by about two percentage […]

Casino Gambling: Florida’s last resort?

Last week, the Senate Gaming Committee workshopped a major casino gaming bill, SPB 7052. The 453-page proposal would overhaul Florida’s gambling laws by authorizing two “destination resort” casinos in Broward and Miami-Dade; establishing a Department of Gaming Control with 5 Governor-appointed members (usurping the authority of the Dept. of Business & Professional Regulation and further injecting politics into casino oversight); and […]