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Remembering Pan Am’s Air Bridge

We have spent lots of time in recent weeks talking about the history of seaplanes and its impact on Florida. As we’ve discussed before Chalk’s International Airways was bought in 1996 by Pan Am (the second edition of the famous airline) and rebranded as the “Pan Am Air Bridge” which brought back memories of the […]

How to spot a threat to Democracy: Bernie Sanders and Philip K. Dick on radicalism and revolt

  This is a column about Bernie Sanders, democratic socialism and Philip K. Dick. Bernie Sanders gave his “democratic socialism” speech at Georgetown University on November 19. Then, at midnight, all 10 episodes of PKD’s The Man In The High Castle were released. For better or worse, the two are now indelibly connected in my […]

Bill Maher, liberals and Islam – Does he have a point or am I a racist?

Bill Maher has railed against Islam often during his career, most recently on Friday night’s edition of Real Time with Bill Maher.  (Pick up a copy of When You Ride Alone and you might understand his views a little bitter)  Maher who proudly bashes all organized religions has somehow failed to distinguish the differences between […]

Flashback Friday: BCS Controversy of 2000

Florida had two major electoral controversies in 2000 – one was settled by the Supreme Court and the other other by computers. The computer controversy was thanks to the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) which allowed Florida State to play for the National Championship against Oklahoma despite losing to Miami earlier in the season and like […]

Orlando to host Copa America matches next summer after controversy fades

Orlando was named as one of ten host cities for the Copa America Centenario which will be held in the United States next summer. Copa America is the continental championship for South America. The hundredth anniversary Copa America being held outside the region raised eyebrows when it was announced in 2013. The tournament was in serious […]

Air Canada beginning Jacksonville service

Jacksonville will become Air Canada’s eight Florida destination in May 2016, when the Canadian flag carrier begins twice-weekly regional jet operated nonstop service from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport to the First Coast. Air Canada will be Jacksonville’s first scheduled international carrier.    

SEIU Decision to Endorse Hillary Clinton is Classic Union Politics of 2015

SEIU’s decision to endorse Secretary Hillary Clinton for President on Tuesday was mildly shocking. I say mildly because the union movement has in recent years seized to be about working class Americans and more about Democratic Party politics.  Clinton’s evasive answers on the minimum wage and fight for $15 during Saturday’s CBS debate should have […]

Reactionary Behavior and Dishonesty a Jeb Bush Staple

From the same group of foreign policy thinkers that brought us the US quagmire in Iraq, now we are told that war in Syria is a must. Jeb Bush, allegedly a rational thinker according to many in the media and Republican pundits. Bush’s words are never based on anything but a political calculation. Let’s look […]

SEIU decorates their new stall in the Clinton veal pen

Last week I mentioned it would be interesting to see if SEIU Florida keeps its pledge to  exclusively endorse and make contributions to candidates who agree to both take the Minimum Wage Challenge in the Fight For $15 campaign, and support $15 an hour minimum wage bills. At issue was the case of Darren Soto running […]

TFS Radio # 5 – Democratic Debate, Redistricting, Legislative Races, Fight for 15 and More

Episode five of TFS Radio is in the books. On the show, Brook Hines, Katy Burnett and Kartik Krishnaiyer hit the following topics: Hillary Clinton’s claims in the CBS debate regarding Wall Street and Banking regulations. The continued mess over Congressional and Senate Reapportionment in Florida The Fight for 15 Governor Rick Scott’s anti-working class user-fee […]