Monthly Archives: October 2015

DeSantis Joining Rubio in Dangerous Foreign Policy views

Congressman Ron DeSantis is already a favorite of the right wing and Tea Party conservatives in Florida. Today he took it a step further by echoing the sentiments of Florida’s Junior Senator Marco Rubio on American foreign policy and the Iran deal in a letter to state government leaders. DeSantis who is seeking Rubio’s seat […]

TFS Radio 2: Sickening Bear Hunts, FDP Convention and more

Tonight at 7:30pm ET Brook Hines and Kartik Krishnaiyer will bring us the second edition of TFS Radio. Listen live here  and interact with us via Twitter before, during and after the show. Apologies for getting this up late as Kartik has been feeling under the weather today. Tonight we will discuss the absolutely sickening Bear […]

Fort Lauderdale loss probably hands Tampa Bay NASL postseason spot; South Florida soccer “fans” fail again compared to counterparts elsewhere in Florida

With two chances in four days to pull away and essentially end the race for the final spot in the NASL’s unique “Championship” postseason tournament, the Fort Lauderdale Strikers failed on both occasions. Taking just one point from the two games, the Strikers now sit behind Tampa Bay who defeated Carolina 1-0 at Al Lang […]

American Psychos: How we shouldn’t be doing business in politics

A while back someone asked me, “When I run for office, will you support me?” They couldn’t tell me when they’re running, or for what office. They didn’t share a single policy or platform plank, which admittedly would be difficult to pin down if you don’t even know what seat you’re running for. I have […]

Democrats need to heed Lincoln Chafee’s words on “Prosperity through Peace”

Former Republican US Senator turned Independent Governor and Democratic Presidential Candidate Lincoln Chafee dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination on Friday.  Chafee whose voting record in the Senate was the most liberal among Republicans during his tenure was one of the few that stood tall against the rush to war in Iraq. […]

Governor Scott once again pathetically hiding behind tax cuts to “stimulate growth”

Governor Rick Scott is at it again. Living in fantasy land while pushing ideological zealotry down the throats of Floridians under the alter of “economic growth.” Today Governor Scott discussed his “Florida Enterprise Fund” idea.  Three years ago Scott pushed a “Manufacturing Tax Credit,” yet after several years of application, Florida is ranked 43rd nationally in […]

Alex Morgan – Right for the Orlando Pride?

Alex Morgan’s potential move to the Orlando Pride which was first reported by Charles Boehm of Soccerwire over two weeks ago and then analyzed with some detail by us appears to be well in progress per Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated and Fox Sports. This trade would bring the most marketable and  perhaps  the second-most […]