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Will some south Florida Democrats defect to Marco Rubio thanks to President Obama’s foreign policy?

I will be perfectly honest — I sat with folded hands in recent weeks as I watched some of my fellow progressives in south Florida take to social media to attack President Obama’s Middle East policies and cheer Benjamin Netanyahu on to victory in Israel’s recent General Election. Some of these same progressives have attacked the […]

President Obama, Florida Democrats, Political Operatives and “Moderation”

In the last few weeks I have had some interesting and borderline maniacal conversations with people regarding the future of the Democratic Party in terms of messaging and policy. An almost universal consensus has developed among insiders, particularly those who are involved on the consulting end that the path forward involves moderating the Democratic message […]

2014 is Already Drastically Different than 2010 – Will that be enough?

The 2010 election has left a deep scar in the collective memory of progressives around the state. Although all over the county Democratic candidates faced the wrath of the then-powerful Tea Party, in Florida the effects particularly burned with the election of both Marco Rubio, Rick Scott and a full Republican cabinet, and a slew […]

NextGen ads and Crist environmental record could help revive Democrats in SW Florida and the Treasure Coast

Democrats suffered some serious backsliding in 2012 in two important growing regions of the state – southwest Florida and the Treasure Coast (minus St Lucie County which has acted more as an appendage of southeast Florida, than like northern Palm Beach, Martin or Indian River counties in recent elections). My explanation for this is simple: […]

BFD: Charlie Crist Hires Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina

So, this happened. Former Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina has joined Charlie Crist’s gubernatorial campaign as announced via Charlie Crist’s Twitter feed and subsequent media reports. Many know Jim Messina for his work on both Obama presidential campaigns, but his resume also includes strategist to Britain’s Conservative  Prime Minister David Cameron during his last campaign. Messina is […]

Zest Of The Day: 4 in 5 Americans Near Poverty; No Work

Time for a reality check: Call me crazy. Call me a radical. But when 80% of Americans are near the poverty line its time for a New Deal. It’s time to stop calling this “recovery” a recovery and have a real discussion about whats going on in our economy- grand theft by the top 1% […]

Snyder’s Take: Recovery Is A Tale of Two Cities

First, I want to thank Kartik for inviting me to contribute to The Florida Squeeze. His blog is the best place for news, commentary, and down right substantive discussions about how we can make Florida and the country better as we move into the future. My blog will focus on the economy here in Florida, […]