Zest Of The Day: 4 in 5 Americans Near Poverty; No Work

Time for a reality check:

Call me crazy. Call me a radical. But when 80% of Americans are near the poverty line its time for a New Deal. It’s time to stop calling this “recovery” a recovery and have a real discussion about whats going on in our economy- grand theft by the top 1% enabled by a do nothing Congress.   Its not whether or not the US has been in decline for the last 3 decades economically- the question is whether its reversible and whether there is a will to not just build working institutions, but to also repair the broken ones. This is the great challenge facing the 21st century world.

We’ve been waiting nearly 3 decades for the returns from Trickle Down economics carried out by Presidents of both parties- and we are still waiting…
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More on this topic in a future post.


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  1. […] The rest of Florida acted with immaturity much like their northern cousins/siblings. They failed twice to see that what Reagan offered was a suspension of reality, a fantasy world we are still paying for. Thirty plus years later, the mass delusion of the Reagan myth has been shattered by the reality of what my colleague Justin Snyder wrote yesterday. […]


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