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Irma puts a clear lens on what issues SHOULD matter in Florida – the political class MUST be held accountable

Hurricane Irma did far more damage and took far more lives than it should have in this state. For too long, politicians and other leaders in this state have used cultural issues or items connected to emotion to avoid the real issues that plague a state as unique as Florida. This state IS NOT like […]

Irma expose Latvala and Morgan as not ready for prime time (yet)

Political careers are often made or broken by tragedies and adverse events. Just ask George W. Bush, Rudy Guilliani, Kathleen Blanco, Ray Nagin and others. We’ve discussed previously on this site how the botched post-Hurricane Andrew period led Governor Lawton Chiles down to an approval rating in the low 20’s. Hurricane Irma and how it […]

Irma’s legacy: Florida’s infrastructure not up to standard and people need to stop obsessing over the center of the track

For most of Florida, Hurricane Irma was a Category 1 storm or a strong Tropical Storm. But yet it has created the type of havoc around the state that no minor Hurricane should. For the Keys and southwest Florida, the storm was a monster and justifiably did a number on the area. But for areas […]

National media comes through in a big way for Irma

During the buildup to Harvey I was very critical of the national media on Twitter (particularly CNN) for its continued obsession with Donald Trump at a time when a major Hurricane was barreling toward Texas – a red state with the storm’s center taking aim at areas like Port Lavaca where  Trump got about 70% […]

Lesson from Irma – much of Florida cannot handle a big storm

“We didn’t dodge a bullet, we dodged a cannonball” –  Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine to WFOR-TV Monday AM   Kudos to Governor Rick Scott and Emergency Management in the Keys and Southwest Florida. Kudos to those municipal and county officials like the aforementioned Mayor Levine, Coral Springs City Commissioner Dan Daley and Tampa Mayor […]

Flashback Friday: Hurricane Andrew series parts 1-5 plus Bryan Norcross interview

Due to Hurricane Irma we won’t have our latest installment of our month-long series on Hurricane Andrew this week. For those of you who have missed it, here are the earlier pieces of our series which is more pertinent the next few days than ever.   By Miami National Weather Service Office Part I: 1966 […]

Remembering Florida’s strongest ever Hurricane

Editors note: This article originally ran in 2015 on the 75th Anniversary of the Labor Day storm. We are rerunning today since comparisons have been made between Hurricane Irma and this storm The National Hurricane Center last year reclassified the 1935 Keys Labor Day Storm, one of the greatest tragedies in Florida’s History as the strongest […]

Where would Irma rank all time among Florida storms?

Floridians are beginning to prepare in earnest for Hurricane Irma which could make landfall in the state. Currently a Category 5 storm and one of the most powerful in the history of recorded tropical weather in the Atlantic basin, Irma is barreling toward the Sunshine State with likely impacts in Puerto Rico, Hispaniola and Cuba […]