Where would Irma rank all time among Florida storms?

By National Weather Service – National Weather Service Enhanced Radar Mosaic Accessed at 05:10 Eastern Daylight Time (09:10 UTC), 7 October 2016., Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=52109230

Floridians are beginning to prepare in earnest for Hurricane Irma which could make landfall in the state. Currently a Category 5 storm and one of the most powerful in the history of recorded tropical weather in the Atlantic basin, Irma is barreling toward the Sunshine State with likely impacts in Puerto Rico, Hispaniola and Cuba along the way. Here is a table drawn from various sources as to the most powerful landfalling Florida Hurricanes of the past. This chart gives the liberty of referring to Matthew as a land-falling Florida Hurricane though the one area it hit directly in Florida was not populated by humans (the extreme outer eastern edge of Cape Canaveral).

Full chart below

Storm Category Year Wind speed (MPH) Landfall Location
Labor Day 5 1935 175 Craig Key
Andrew 5 1992 155 Homestead
Charley 4 2004 150
Cayo Costa (1st landfall)/
Punta Gorda (2nd landfall)
1919 Keys 4 1919 140 Dry Tortugas
Miami 4 1926 135 South Miami
Okeechobee 4 1928 135 Palm Beach
1945 storm 4 1945 125 Florida City
Fort Lauderdale 4 1947 135 Port Everglades
1948 Keys 4 1948 135
Saddlebunch Keys (1st landfall)/
Near Chokoloskee (2nd landfall)
1949 Palm Beach 4 1949 135 Hypoluxo
King 4 1950 130 Downtown Miami
Donna 4 1960 130
Conch Key (1st landfall)/
Naples (2nd landfall)
Matthew 4 2016 120 Cape Canaveral
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