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Regrets I’ve had a few – a Mea culpa

This column reflects the views of Kartik Krishnaiyer and not other TFS writers or columnists I had an interesting Twitter exchange with Matt Isbell, renowned Democratic numbers cruncher the other night (as a point I enjoy Isbell’s maps and will concede he was right about Jeremy Corbyn, and it hurts to admit that) . I […]

Good riddance, Gwen Graham – a sure-fire loser in November is retired by the Democrats. Now let’s retire her handlers

I have a confession to make. I was going to have a hard time voting for Gwen Graham in November – regular readers of this site know this. I feel bad for Graham in a way – I’m not sure she was ever left to her own devices in this campaign – a badly bungled […]

TFS August Endorsements: Governor and Cabinet

Over the next few days we’ll be rolling out our endorsements for Democratic primaries and non-partisan offices on the August 28 ballot. We’ll start with the Governor and Cabinet. In the next few days we will also release our recommendations for Congress and State Legislature as well as selected local races. We do not intent […]

For Florida Democrats historical context is lacking. Why Levine and Gillum on paper aren’t as flawed as assumed.

Having lost 17 of the last 18 elections for Governor and the statewide Cabinet, you would think Florida’s Democrats would be looking for new blood, new ideas and fresh energy. But the establishment of the party loves to double down on tired old thinking and lazy stereotypes. They also love to maintain power at all […]

The Democratic governor’s race is wide open – while November remains daunting

With just over two months remaining until Florida Democrats will choose a nominee, the race remains fluid with a field of largely flawed candidates. All five of the major candidates have compelling stories but also significant drawbacks that could jeopardize the ability of the party to win the office in November. The GOP will nominate […]

The Gwen Graham electoral strategic paradox

Former Congresswoman Gwen Graham announced her candidacy for Governor this week in Miami-Dade County – the county of her birth, but a locale in an area of the state less representative of the diverse views that help make Florida a microcosm for the entire nation than the district she previously represented in Congress- though that […]

Flashback Friday: Underdog Bob Graham pursues the 1978 Democratic Nomination

Editors note: With Gwen Graham’s entrance into the Governor’s race this week, we have some recollections of the origins of the 1978 race where Graham’s father, Bob emerged from dark horse to Democratic nominee. Noted Florida historian and author Robert Buccellato gives this vivid account of the origins of the Graham juggernaut that would win five […]

Gwen Graham, “The Third Way” and a possible statewide run

Newly elected Congresswoman Gwen Graham is not your average freshman. As the daughter of of a former Florida Governor and US Senator her visibility from the word go was higher than just about any other Democratic Congressional challenger in the nation. Then in a wipe-out year for Democrats on so many levels she became one […]

Monday Musings – Gwen Graham making waves, Rubio an attention whore, secession, the Battle of Natural Bridge and the Civil War

Gwen Graham is making waves quickly as a number of questionable votes have raised eyebrows among the progressive community.   With her support of the Keystone pipeline and a vote against Nancy Pelosi, she is distancing herself from the Democrats and the internet is abuzz with criticism.  However, in the long run, minority party politics […]

First look at 2016 Congressional races

The 2014 Congressional races in Florida were largely ho-hum affairs outside of CD-2 and CD-26 which are on opposite ends of the state. The absence of a US Senate race and amount of cold hard cash spent on state races especially the Governorship took many Federal races off the radar for politicos. But 2016 will […]