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Florida Progressives need to vote values not party – history informs of us why

As we approach another party primary which has been divisive, the calls for unity and coming together are as loud and nauseating as ever. As a longtime active Democrat in Florida, I’ve sacrificed principle and my values before to back deeply-flawed candidates who were nominated. In retrospect, doing this did nothing but further solidify a […]

Coded Antisemitism growing within the Democratic Party

While the Democratic Party has wrapped itself around identity politics for the purposes of building a coalition in elections and perhaps out of a desire to avoid meaningful dialogue on larger issues that actually impact minority communities, a dangerous drift toward coded antisemitism appears to be underway.  Take for example a recent Orlando Weekly cover […]

Patrick Murphy should be mad at the Democratic Party…here’s why

In recent weeks, former Congressman and US Senate nominee Patrick Murphy has reappeared from the dead and has actively began floating the idea of a “fusion” ticket for Governor with former Republican Congressman David Jolly. Today we’re not going to asses the merits of such a ticket, because despite yesterday’s MSNBC appearance, the whole thing […]

Lessons from Alabama for Florida Progressives

Doug Jones win in the US Senate Special Election in Alabama is a game changer in the way Democrats should appreciate races in southern states and areas influenced by southern culture. The “greater south” is an area that encompass a large geographic swath and areas where the Democratic Party of the 21st Century has struggled. […]

Guest Column: The Resistance, coming to a town near you?

 Dr.Rachel Sutz Pienta I think I knew what was going to happen around 11 pm on election night. President Trump was really going to happen. I live in a small town south of Tallahassee. During the 2000 election recount, I lived inside Tallahassee city limits. Then, like now, the Democratic candidate won Leon County but […]

The Sunshine State News vs Florida Democrats

This past week the Florida Democratic Party’s new Chair Stephen Bittel announced a plan to incentivize action in small and medium sized counties – something from a party building standpoint that is long overdue and remains badly needed.  It was assumed by many, including me that this program was non-controversial. But as is often the […]

Interview with Alan Clendenin

Florida Democratic Party First Vice Chair Alan Clendenin who is running again for FDP Chair took some time out of his crisscrossing of the state to speak with Kartik Krishnaiyer earlier today. Clendenin gives a candid interview about his plans if he is elected FDP Chair. In the interview, Clendenin describes why he is running again for […]

Florida Democrats chairs race: What would you like to see in a chair?

This is an open forum for readers. What would like to see in a new FDP Chair? Any suggestions for a party platform? Should the FDP headquarters leave Tallahassee and if so, why? Do you have a candidate you prefer in the race for chair? Feel free to opine in the comments section!

FDP State Committee – One county, one vote may need to be revived

Those clicks you hear might be that of urban Floridians summoning Google Maps to find out where Hampton and Bradford County are following Alan Clendenin’s election to the State Committee from that county. Or perhaps they are trying to find where Gadsden County is because of Dwight Bullard? Two years ago the idea of one […]

PODCAST IS UP: Krishnaiyer, Piscatella and Hines on FDP Chair race

Mario Piscatella, Kartik Krishnaiyer and myself recorded this Thursday night, after letting the results of Tuesday’s Miami-Dade State Committeeman election settle-in. The discussion covers what it was like on the ground voting in Miami; where we go from here to elect the next Chair of the party; and our wishlist for a new Chair of […]