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A Bill Nelson for Governor potpourri

According to national media reports, Senator Bill Nelson is considering a run for governor. Florida papers have been hounding him and editorializing about it since at least April. And of course the source above, MSNBC’s Hardball, has built its reputation such as it is by living every day like it’s silly season. But this newest round of speculation […]

Veterans Day/Armistice Day

Today is Veterans Day, an important day here in the USA where we honor those brave women and men who have fought to preserve our freedoms and way of life. This weekend I have been dealing with “Remembrance Day”  in the United Kingdom which like Veterans Day in the USA is November 11th which was […]

It’s Official: Charlie Announces in St. Pete

Accompanied by local Democratic leaders and an adult contemporary playlist, former Governor Charlie Crist announced this morning in St. Petersburg that he’s running for governor once again. Kathy Castor, Bob Butterworth, Dan Gelber and Rick Kriseman were among the dignitaries that flanked him as he gave a markedly left-leaning speech before a crowd of around […]

Zest of the Day: C.W. Bill Young, 82

Per the Tampa Bay Times, U.S. Rep. Bill Young has died following recent reports that he was seriously ill. Congressman Young, known as a stalwart conservative who braved lonely times decades ago as a Republican in the Florida Senate and who softened his rigid views in later years, was a fixture in Florida politics for more […]

Murphy Defeats Gunter 51-49: What Does it Mean?

The final results are in: Democrat Amanda Murphy has beaten Republican Bill Gunter to replace the inimitable Mike Fasano by a margin of 322 votes despite Gunter’s massive support from the Tallahassee establishment and hard-right financiers the state over. But is this a one-off thrill for Florida Dems owing to exceptional circumstances — the government […]

Zest Of The Day: Get Boozy and Drunk Dial Congress!

Quite possibly the greatest civic action in American History! Have it folks! More Here Cheers America! JS

Zest Of The Day: California’s Success Story = Vote Out The Tea Party

Say what you want about outspoken late night funny man Bill Maher, but last night, he hit the proverbial nail on the head in a segment about California’s resurgence from the depths of economic peril: They said no to the tea party and republican obstructionism and found ways to cut spending, raise taxes, and reinvest […]

Zest of the Day: Crony Capitalist and Sexist Larry Summers is out!

Noted crony capitalist and sexist Lawrence Summers has dropped out of consideration to the next head of the Federal Reserve, quite possibly the most powerful position on the planet. President Obama appeared poised to overlook Summers shortcomings, his failed recording in the Clinton White House and as President of Harvard, blowback from Democratic Senators and […]

Kurly’s Kommentary: The 1st Amendment, Bigotry, and Facebook: A call for more self restraint

“Beyond all the other reasons not to do it, free speech assaults always backfire: they transform bigots into martyrs.” – Glenn Greenwald Everyone who has a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account can attest to a very negative aspect of these social media platforms in that some of our “friends” use them to disseminate a relentless […]

Zest Of The Day: Halliburton Pleads Guilty To Destroying Documents in Spill Case… Gets $200,000 Fine and 3 Years Probation

Story Here! Discuss.