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Audio: What Spurs Economic Activity in Florida?

This week I spoke to Joseph F. Pennisi, Executive Director of the Florida Policy Institute about a new report they issued that shows how tax cuts and incentives to big businesses don’t achieve the goals of increasing economic activity and creating jobs. Listen to find out what really spurs economic activity. Link to report —> […]

Governor Scott once again pathetically hiding behind tax cuts to “stimulate growth”

Governor Rick Scott is at it again. Living in fantasy land while pushing ideological zealotry down the throats of Floridians under the alter of “economic growth.” Today Governor Scott discussed his “Florida Enterprise Fund” idea.  Three years ago Scott pushed a “Manufacturing Tax Credit,” yet after several years of application, Florida is ranked 43rd nationally in […]

Econo-cracy: the zombie apocalypse with toll roads

This weekend was the tenth anniversary of hurricane Katrina, and I couldn’t have been more relieved that Tropical Storm Erika petered-out in the Caribbean. When NOAA models showed the storm coming up through Florida I thought dammit, we’re finally getting back on our feet from the foreclosure crisis. The last empty house on our street just sold a week […]

“Fantasyland” protest calls-out GOP Clown Car Economics

  See the full Flickr album of photos here. The “Florida Deserves Better” than Fantasyland action was held Tuesday, June 2 outside of the hotel where Rick Scott held his “cattle call” for GOP candidates to strut their campaigns in front of monied-up interests like the Chamber of Commerce and their members. Billed as an “insider” event, […]

What DO you call it when democracy is broken at the behest of business?

“Democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt, April 29, 1938 (Letter to Congress on the problem of Curbing Monopolies) We sometimes forget that private monied interests have been campaigning for “small government” since long […]

Guest Column: State Tax Policies Rigged to Fail Workers

By Ronda Wallace I have been preparing taxes for years and I have become known for getting my clients the largest possible returns. Many of my customers are low income parents and they count on credits like the earned income tax credit to catch up on their bills or make costly repairs to their vehicles. […]

Monday Musings: Tourist numbers, Bush & Rubio rated by Politico, Cuba policy, Democrats statewide plans

Katy Burnett is working hard on putting together a fantastic event this upcoming weekend in Gainesville and will have her musings later in the day so check back then! For now, here are Kartik Krishnaiyer’s weekly musings. 97 million tourists visited Florida in 2014. While this number falls short of Governor Scott’s lofty goal to […]

Manufacturing tax credits yet to work

Governor Scott on Wednesday announced the creation of 100 jobs by Volkswagen in Jacksonville. This got me to thinking, given the success of other southern states in attracting manufacturing jobs, how has Rick Scott’s tax abatement scheme of 2013 done? The VW jobs are not at all related to manufacturing as Florida’s economy is service […]

Romney defeats Bush – Staples acquires Office Depot and will be based in Massachusetts

Boca Raton-based Office Depot one of the largest and most recognizable brands based in the State of Florida has been acquired by Staples, a company Mitt Romney had a major hand in founding and making into leading brand. Romney’s influence kept Staples HQ in Massachusetts and now the retail giant has acquired Office Depot which […]

High-speed rail gaining momentum across the country even among Republicans

While Florida’s political leadership felt it was in the state’s best interest to turn down federal funds for High-speed rail (HSR) in 2011, allowing that money to be allocated to other states, politicians in other parts of the country including many Republicans are embracing the concept as a driver of economic development and a nnecessityin […]