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Air Canada expanding Florida services – Potential boost for tourism

  Tourism and snowbirds from Canada are a big part of Florida’s economy. In recent years we’ve seen Canadian discount carrier WestJet set up a virtual focus city in Orlando while flying many point-to-point routes from Fort Lauderdale to secondary Canadian cities during the winter.  WestJet also serves Miami, Tampa and Fort Myers with less […]

High Speed Rail passes Florida by while the rest of the world cashes in

Florida should have been the leader – beginning in the late 1980’s High Speed Rail was talked about as a potential driver for the state’s economy. Florida would once again be the national leader, the first to innovate much as the Askew/Graham years had pushed Florida to the forefront of progressive business-friendly reforms nationally. Then […]

Why Charlie Crist is now favored once again to win; Scott’s campaign unprecedented for negativity in modern Florida history

According to most public polls, the Governor’s race is a dead heat but Governor Charlie Crist clearly has the momentum. The Republican Party of Florida’s  negative campaign which attempted to slander Governor Crist by taking loose associations and smearing his character based on these relationships was initially successful but hit a point of diminishing returns […]

The Pulp: America’s Middle Class Is No Longer The World’s Wealthiest,Yet Dems Cheer April Jobs Report

When it pertains to understanding the critical nature of America’s stagnant economy, I’ve repeated a certain summation: It’s not that we don’t get it, its that we don’t get that we don’t get it. If you tuned in to any of the national media in the past week you probably saw a plethora of stories […]

Latest Let’s Get to Work TV ad turning heads

The latest anti-Charlie Crist TV commercial from the “Let’s Get to Work” Committee is the hardest hitting yet and has conjured up a significant amount of buzz around the state since it began running last week. The premise is that then Governor Charlie Crist “ran away” from the problems the state faced in 2008, 2009 […]

Thursday Bookshelf- Griftopia: Bubble Machines, Vampire Squids, and the Long Con That Is Breaking America

If you are a regular news junkie, politico, or  a policy wonk the name Matt Taibbi should be familiar to you. Before joining Glenn Greenwald’s new startup The Intercept, Taibbi served as a Contributing Editor and Columnist for Rolling Stone for which he is best known. He still has a weekly blog there was well. His July/2009 […]

Charles Schwab Sells Customers Down High Frequency River

The Charles Schwab Corporation is all about accountability. Just ask them. In a commercial, Chairman, Charles Schwab, explains, “the most principled people are the people who frankly can stand by their promises.” Schwab promises a “commitment to providing the most ethical financial services” including an “accountability guarantee.” The accountability business appears to be booming. In […]

Thursday IPE Bookshelf: Reagan Official and Liberal Economist Agree; Crony Capitalism is Destroying America From Within

Today for our IPE Section in the TFS Bookstore, I’ve reviewed two outstanding and informative books that the health of our economy and democracy. The authors of these books come two totally different sides of the political spectrum, but both have many of the same conclusions- America’s economy is in peril and being looted, democracy […]

Michael Lewis’ Flash Boys and Discount Brokers Selling Out Customers

Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt A new book from Michael Lewis, “Flash Boys,” has set off  a firestorm on Wall Street. Lewis, a former bond trader, has taken aim at sacred cows, vested interests and deep pocketed institutions that have gamed the system for buying and selling U.S. stocks. The primary charge in the […]

Thursday Bookshelf: New TFS Bookstore Section IPE and First Two Sumbissions: The Stock Market Is Rigged and Inequality is Result of Under-Regulated Capitalism

As we continue to grow here at The Florida Squeeze, we’ll continually be adding new features to our website. There is no question that the number one issue on the minds of Floridians, Americans and most people across the planet is the economy.  If you’ve been following my work here and in other mediums and/or not […]