Latest Let’s Get to Work TV ad turning heads

The latest anti-Charlie Crist TV commercial from the “Let’s Get to Work” Committee is the hardest hitting yet and has conjured up a significant amount of buzz around the state since it began running last week. The premise is that then Governor Charlie Crist “ran away” from the problems the state faced in 2008, 2009 and 2010. However, it could be argued that Crist’s desire was to serve Florida in Washington where he could arguably be more helpful to state in funnelling federal dollars home. Wherever you sit on the Crist issue, the ad is well done and has people talking throughout the state. It is the first ad run by the pro-Scott committee that seems to be resonating among elements of the general population.

Last week a Q-poll was released that put Governor Scott ten points behind Governor Crist in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup. Early ads to do move the needle as we have seen in many previous elections, but with Scott’s positive numbers still in the gutter, will a strongly negative message move the polls? It remains to be seen because Governor Scott seems to not be able to shake his largely negative image regardless of how he tries to frame a positive message.

Conversely Governor Crist’s campaign has suffered several stumbles but with a seemingly safe lead in polling (which defies conventional wisdom and logic quite frankly in a state which almost always votes Republican in off-years) perhaps the conservative campaign approach is the best?

The next set of polls after this ad has run through its life cycle will be most interesting to observe. The full ad is below.





  1. As long as money rules……regardless of facts…. and that we are willing to vote for the lesser of the two candidates…nothing will change……notwithstanding that people vote their best interest or maybe it’s what they perceive it to be….


  2. One very good reason to vote for Nan Rich. We all know she may not win in the primary; but then, I have to decide between to less-than-remarkable former Republican governors. Morally, I must vote my beliefs…later, I must decide who is the lesser of two evils.


  3. Sharon, I feel your pain..Although you and I may hold our noses and vote for Charlie, I fear the majority of unimpassioned democrats will sit this one out. Nan is are best chance to rally the party faithful. passion is something Charlie can never buy.


  4. Concerned Democrat · ·

    Crist has so much in the way of negatives the RPOF must have a file a thousand pages long on him.


    1. Broward Bob · ·

      Joe Kreps is a closet Scott lover. If he wasn’t a carpetbagging New Yawk immigrant like Nan, he’d throw her to the curb in a heartbeat. True Florida Democrats support Charlie.


  5. Charlie Rocks! · ·

    A vote for Nan Rich is a vote for Rick Scott. Remember that Joe Kreps, Justin Snyder and Progressive Choice!


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