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Major jetBlue cuts highlight the week in commercial aviation

JetBlue is cutting the following routes for the summer, taking an ax to their Fort Lauderdale hub: Fort Lauderdale-Cartagena/Chicago-O’Hare/Cleveland/Grand Cayman/Port-of-Spain/Portland (OR)/Providenciales/Seattle-Tacoma/St Maarten West Palm Beach-Los Angeles also being cut for the summer. Southwest is bumping Fort Lauderdale-Havana nonstop back to THREE TIMES daily in the summer. A lot of empty planes going to be making […]

Governor DeSantis is suddenly interested in women’s sport?

Last fall, I repeatedly complained that Governor DeSantis avoided congratulating the NCAA Women’s Soccer National Champions, Florida State Seminoles while he was busy tweeting about (boys) little league baseball, American football and other sports going on in Florida (in-between tweets about Florida businesses and attacking Covid regulations, etc, etc). It should be noted FSU has […]

Mission San Luis: rear of the complex

Florida continues to refuse to divest from Russia – Democrats finally pounce

The State of Florida, as discussed repeatedly on this site has invested more than $300 million in public money in Russian companies. These include energy conglomerates, oil producers, and banks with direct ties to high-ranking Russian oligarchs. These ties extend to government officials who are involved in Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. As I have […]

The economy of slavery, the 1740 Siege of St Augustine and the War of Jenkins Ear

Slavery created an economic system that wasn’t long-term beneficial to the American south. We discuss on this week’s Florida History Podcast, how the system of slavery in the south kept the economy of the region down as a lead in to discuss the 1740 Siege of St Augustine and the War of Jenkins Ear which […]

Reminder: Twitter Space today at 3pm ET with Rep. Anna Eskamani

Why is the state of Florida refusing to divest from Russia?

This is a very simple question, but given the opportunity at the end of legislative session, the legislature instead felt passing performative socially regressive legislation was more important. So why exactly is the state refusing to divest from Russia, at a time when economic pressure seems to be the only way to potentially curtail Putin’s […]

Florida’s post-vaccine Covid failure in comparison to other states. Dana Milbank asks how Does Ron DeSantis sleep at night? We’ve been wondering as well…

Governor DeSantis unwillingness to promote vaccines once it became politically inconvenient for him had deadly consequences for Floridians. The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank broke down Governor DeSantis’ post-July 1st, 2021 Covid failures in a brilliant piece earlier this week. After vaccines became widely-available, Florida had a 153 deaths per 100,000 residents. This was more than […]

Free speech? Not in Florida…

The Orlando Pride of NWSL (the top women’s soccer league in the US) which are majority-owned by the Wilf family yesterday took down a Supporters Group banner. The Pride have several LGBTQ+ players. Here is the full account: This represents the latest in a line of assaults on free speech in Ron DeSantis’ Florida. Want […]

“Don’t say gay” playing out EXACTLY how Governor DeSantis intended it to as the Soviet Florida keeps rolling on

Don’t buy the whiny victimization, angry press conferences or indignant tweets from Ron DeSantis and his acolytes. The bottom line is this, the conversation nationally over HB 1557, aka “The Don’t Say Gay Bill,” is playing out EXACTLY how the Governor wants it. In a one party state like the Soviet Union, where DeSantis is […]