Florida continues to refuse to divest from Russia – Democrats finally pounce

The State of Florida, as discussed repeatedly on this site has invested more than $300 million in public money in Russian companies. These include energy conglomerates, oil producers, and banks with direct ties to high-ranking Russian oligarchs. These ties extend to government officials who are involved in Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. As I have experienced recently in soccer business circles, everyone who is trying to suddenly put a degree or two of separation between themselves and Putin’s Government, including high-end Oligarchs generally are hiding things.

Florida Democratic Party Chairman Manny Diaz weighed into the conversation on Tuesday with the following quotes.

“As the war rages on, Ron DeSantis and Republicans have made empty statements of solidarity with Ukraine, while choosing to betray the Ukrainian people by refusing to divest from Russian assets.

“Not only is the Governor’s inaction putting our state pension funds at risk and potentially leaving working Floridians out to dry, but he is also supporting a corrupt Russian government that is needlessly killing innocent people. It is time for DeSantis and Florida Republicans to stop dodging questions, put their money where their mouth is, and actually take a stand against Vladimir Putin and the atrocities we are seeing in Ukraine.”

Governor DeSantis has avoided as much discussion on this issue as possible while he loves to bash western nations such as Australia, France and Canada. It really is unacceptable.

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  1. David Minton · ·

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