Governor DeSantis is suddenly interested in women’s sport?

Last fall, I repeatedly complained that Governor DeSantis avoided congratulating the NCAA Women’s Soccer National Champions, Florida State Seminoles while he was busy tweeting about (boys) little league baseball, American football and other sports going on in Florida (in-between tweets about Florida businesses and attacking Covid regulations, etc, etc). It should be noted FSU has a cosmopolitan squad with players from all over the world.

Well now suddenly, Governor DeSantis is very interested in women’s sports… for performative reasons.

Obviously, this sudden passion to “protect” women’s sports should surprise nobody. DeSantis performative art is always top-shelf, when he senses an opportunity to wind-up his right-wing base.

One comment

  1. As the Father of 2 high school girls involved in sports I fully support this new legislation. Allowing a post puberty male to compete in women’s sports is very unfair and is hostile to biological females. I could care less if the Governor considers it politically expedient to support it or not.


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